Nalini Akal

Mixed genres: Dancer Nalini Akal performs alongside David Boothman (piano) and his group. 

THE “All Jazzed Up” show on Tuesday at the National Academy for the Performing Arts (NAPA), Port of Spain, proved to be an impressive event in which each artiste and their respective accompanying musicians delivered excellent performances.

There were, however, some hiccups, including hundreds of people turning up to secure tickets hours before the show and being turned away; and drivers being denied parking at NAPA, where well into the show there were empty parking spaces.

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Caribbean Festival of the Arts (Carifesta) organisers have to find a better way to disseminate tickets for events, says acclaimed jazz vocalist Vaughnette Bigford.

Bigford said she was appalled to see several elderly people being made to line up for hours in the sun on Tuesday for tickets to the Caribbean Jazz Carifesta showcase.


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Rock music (or more accurately: roots-rock) hit Carifesta perhaps for the first time since the inception of the regional festival during one of the “Elemental Series” nights held recently at the Big Black Box on Murray Street in Woodbrook.

IT’S common knowledge that not all children learn at the same pace. As a result, some fall behind and are forced to catch up while others slip through the cracks of the education system.