Kenny Davis

HARD AT WORK: Plumbing entrepreneur Kenny Davis installs a drainage system at a recent job.

Kenny Davis is the man you want to call when you have a plumbing emergency.

The young plumber is fast building a reputation for his reliability, quick turnover and high quality of work. He says it’s the tenets upon which his eight-year-old Davis Plumbing Service is built.

“I take a lot of pride in my work and even more pride in seeing the look of satisfaction on customers faces after we finish a job. In my business you really rely on those referrals so once your customers are happy you automatically get more work,” Davis told the Express yesterday.

Customer satisfaction really comes down to paying attention to the details, he said. Simple things like timing, dress code and communication skills can go a long way to impressing a client, he said.

“We are a 24 hour service. I pride myself on always being on time, if I say I am going to be there at a specific time I’m there at that time. Once I access the job I then spend time explaining to the client the nature of the work. This way we can establish realistic timelines in which we can expect the job to be completed.

“I think this reliability is what really puts the client at ease. Then my prices are competitive so they love that. And most importantly our clean-up after the job is second to none, so we pretty much leave your premises better than we actually found them,” he explained.

Betting on yourself

The plumbing business, like any other, has a risk on investment. The tools of the trade are not cheap and neither are skilled employees. There is also no guarantee of steady flow of jobs.

Davis says self-belief and confidence, however, can translate into big rewards. Staying visible and constantly looking for opportunities for work is also critical to his success, he said.

“It’s really an investment in yourself and your ability. You are confident you can get the job done. When you win and earn profits the reward is great, but conversely when you lose you make that loss all on your own,” he said.

Davis believes his business has huge potential for growth. He has already set himself short term expansion goals and is nearing one target he set himself when he first started just under a decade ago: his own plumbing supplies store.

“My vision is clear. I want to have two or more service vans on the road responding to the needs of our growing clientele. In the very near future I want to open my store. These two short term goals are very attainable. I already know what I need to do and I’m working every day to get closer to those targets.

“By being reliable, consistent with quality and focusing on customer satisfaction any service oriented business can thrive. Anything is possible. You have to want it and be willing to work hard for it,” he concluded with a smile.

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