The fires in the Amazon rainforest are under control.

That was the assurance from Brazilian Ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago José Antonio Gomes Piras on Tuesday, during an exclusive interview on the state of the protected forest, at his embassy offices on Sweet Briar Road, Port of Spain.

Piras said contrary to international reports of the “lungs of the earth” burning to the ground, the vast majority of the 5.5 million square kilometres of forest remains unaffected by recent flames.

“We have had problems with criminals maliciously setting fire to parts of the Amazon. Some of them have been arrested, and I can say at present, the fires are under control and Brazil remains committed to protecting the Amazon forest,” Piras told the Express, inspiring nods of agreement from his embassy’s minister consulate Felix Pires and diplomat Maria Cristina dos Anjos.

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Raging fires destroyed hundreds of acres of the Amazon in August. Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro was heavily criticised by seve­ral international heads of state for not doing enough to control the fires and for initially refusing aid from the G7 nations to combat the skyscraper-high flames. The G7 consists of the world’s most industrialised nations, including: Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United States of America.


Many breast cancer survivors will probably tell you that the battle against the disease is one of the hardest they may have ever faced. That is why these courageous people deserve all the support they need as they go through the fight of their lives. While a lot is known about the importance of detection and the treatment of the disease, not many people are fully aware that after breast cancer treatment, there are sometimes complications that survivors might not anticipate.

As an artiste Benjai has always been a bit of an enigma. Not one to openly share his personal life, Benjai (Rodney Le Blanc) has often times come off as standoffish and ego­tistical to other musicians and fans alike.

THERE are few desserts that are as comforting and decadent as cheesecake. Believe it or not, even ancient civilisations enjoyed cheesecakes. It is said this popular dessert originated in ancient Greece as far back as the fifth century BC. Since then, cheesecakes have evolved to include several varieties.

ALTHOUGH the differently abled make up a sizeable percentage of our population, we are starved of data concerning persons living with disabilities in T&T. But this we know for sure—their challenges are many. 

People came out to the scenic National Hotel on Collins Avenue in Miami Beach, Florida, USA, last Thursday, for the official welcome party to the 2019 Miami carnival celebrations as hosted by and appropriately entitled, “Arrivals”.

Pan Trinbago Inc TC has embarked on two workshops, with the aim of improving the adjudication process at the Panorama competitions and to produce a cadre of professionally trained judges.