The Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) urges people to get vaccinated against Covid-19 only through national immunisation programmes and officially authorised mechanisms and warns that doing so outside these channels can be dangerous to their health.

The recommendation comes in response to reports of counterfeit or unauthorised vaccines in some Latin American countries, such as Bolivia, Colombia, and Mexico, and to press reports of vaccines being administered outside authorised national immunisation programmes. In March, WHO issued a global alert on the counterfeit Pfizer/BioNtech vaccine in Mexico.

People are advised to use only authentic vaccines as directed by national authorities, to seek the advice of a health professional if in doubt, and, if they know of any suspicious incidents, to report them to the authorities so that the products can be identified and withdrawn from circulation.

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to an increase in incidents of substandard, counterfeit, and unregistered medical products worldwide. In particular, the limited availability of vaccines appears to be contributing to the emergence of products in illegal channels, ranging from Internet sales offers to customs seizures to retail trade.

Substandard, counterfeit, and unregistered vaccines can lead to increased prevalence of Covid-19, potential adverse and even toxic or fatal events, and loss of trust in the health system, as well as social and economic consequences of unpredictable magnitude.

Recommendations to

regulatory authorities

PAHO urges strengthening coordination between health, law enforcement, and customs authorities regarding prevention, detection, and response to incidents of substandard, counterfeit products. PAHO also urges increased comprehensive surveillance of the Covid-19 vaccine supply chain from the manufacturer or certified supplier to the patient or site of administration.

Health authorities are also advised to keep vaccines in their original secondary packaging during storage and transport to protect the QR and bar codes, which allow verification of product information throughout the distribution chain. Increased surveillance of illegal offers of Covid-19 vaccines, especially on the Internet, social networks, and retail outlets is also recommended.

Other recommendations are to implement strategies for the destruction and/or final disposal of packaging, containers, vials, boxes, and labels of legitimate vaccines used in national immunization schemes; to ensure a robust traceability mechanism for Covid-19 vaccines to minimize the risk of detour from the legal channel; and to immediately notify WHO — through the rapid alert system — of any suspected or confirmed vaccine counterfeiting.

PAHO, through cooperation with countries, and the operation of the Network of Focal Points of National Regulatory Agencies for the Prevention, Detection, and Response to substandard, counterfeit or unregistered Medical Products - comprising more than 20 countries in the region - promotes the exchange of information and supports decision-making in this field.


Fans of the sweet, melodic sounds of legendary New Orleans vocalist Aaron Neville won’t have many opportunities to hear him live from now on.

In posts Thursday on his official website and via social media, Neville announced his official retirement from touring.

Features/Entertainment Editor “A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.” James Keller.

Possibly Jamie Thomas’ final post on Instagram, Jamie would succumb to a heart attack later that night, leaving all who knew him in shock and grief.

Jamie lived that Keller statement, being the proverbial candle that lit hundreds of lives in the 46 years he lived. And live he did.

“I had the best childhood any child could ever ask for.”

The genuineness of those words from soca star Nailah Blackman shone through the phone screen like a determined ray of sunlight on a gloomy overcast Thursday afternoon, last week.

“My mother is a powerhouse and an empress.”

Those heartfelt words from calypso bassist Corey Wallace left Paris, France on Friday journeyed across the Atlantic Ocean and sweetly lands in the pages of this paper, for his mother Greta Eugene Wallace to read in the safety of her Tacarigua home this morning.

“I want to be close again...”

The lyrics of Sammy Jo’s latest release ‘Close Again’ echo what all of us are thinking, especially now that we’re in the grip of a second lockdown. The soca track which features infectious vibes, Sammy Jo’s melodious vocals and her eclectic style is another feather in the singer’s cap—and a reminder of her versatility as a music artiste.

It was only a matter of time before fans finally got a taste of soca courtesy Sammy Jo; after all, soca is our music, she says.

It’s that time again to make mom feel special.

Pamper her. Celebrate her. Show her your love and appreciation with a homemade meal from the heart.

Try one or a few of these suggestions to honour mom, this Mother’s Day. Follow TrinicooksTT on Facebook and Instagram for more recipe ideas.