“What was meant for evil can be turned into good.”

Through many painful experiences we gain wisdom.

Pain is a bitter pill to swallow. So to even think of there being any gain in pain, while experiencing any sort of pain — is a bit far-fetched for many of us.

But after a while, yes in the mature years, we understand that our pain was not in vain. You may ask — ‘Always?’

Ah, while I am not sure that I can answer that expertly, I can tell you that even when we bring the pain on ourselves, something good can come out of it – if only that we learn not to repeat the same action(s).

Bad or pain-producing habits can be hard to shake off. Boy do I know about that! When you think of pain-producing habits, you probably think of those ‘vices’ that are very obvious – which can ultimately result in health challenges, etc. But there are those that can cause a person to lose a lot in life, including and especially their self-esteem.

I do not believe that anyone will set out to destroy themselves or lives on purpose. But it happens. And life happens in some rather unusual and unexpected ways – causing us to go in directions we should not have gone in. Some say ‘chalk it up to experience!’ But that is not always easy to do, because we may be in too much pain to deal with the situation wisely.

Some also say — ‘no pain, no gain!’ We can understand that to some extent — especially when it comes to exercise. One can appreciate that without the extra push (which causes pain) the desired result(s) will not be experienced. The marathon runner will never know their ability to run the marathon to the end unless they stick to the programmes of practice and exercise. Sometimes the pain of discipline seems useless, but victory is the reward. There is no satisfaction of crossing the finish line unless they run on in spite of the pain. So pain has its pluses, yes?

The pain of loss in any relationship (here I go again) is never easy. I am always led to include relationship in most topics because life is about relationships. So because our lives are pretty much about how we impact one another, we need to understand that pain in relationships is another hurdle in life. We either jump over the hurdles safely – because of wisdom gained from former experiences, or we get hurt again, and feel some more pain for a while. The pain can be self-imposed or brought on by someone else. But pain is pain, and has to be dealt with effectively — for us to go on successfully!

The relationship types of pain show up to show us so many things. The fact that they show up is for us to deal with all of it, and learn the lessons. As devastating as those experiences can be, they are resolvable. Many times we survive hard experiences for the benefit of others as well. Someone may very well ask — “Why should I feel the pain for another’s benefit?” And my answer to that would be “What did Jesus do (wrong) to suffer all that pain?” He endured it all for us to know how much we are loved by God. So the question begging to be asked is this – “Are we willing to endure pain in our relationship(s), forgive and hold on in the name of love?” Oh yes, love has everything to do with pain many times.

Parents go through some painful experiences for the sake of their children — little or grown! Ah, boy! The groaning of a parent who is concerned about the choices and well-being of their offspring at any stage of their lives is a different kind of pain altogether! But the parent endures the pain – even through prayers, tears – and sacrifices, in order to see their son/daughter do and live better. So, the pain is not in vain!

The pain of giving up someone or something that you love … for the benefit of all concerned can squeeze the life juice from you for sure. But when peace is preferred and needed, pain is a temporary price to pay.

Pain is a privilege at times. WHAT?! Oh yes, you read right. Giving up your precious belongings, to do without the comfort you are used to, and go through physical changes for the comfort of others is a privilege. Making the choice to live life totally different to how you knew it, in order for others to be happy is indeed a privilege. That pain – again one of sacrifice— will never be in vain.


We walk by faith and not by sight. So fight the good fight!

Be blessed! Much love!



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