The depth of devotion pan lovers have for the instrument was quite evident on Wednesday when Carifesta XIV hosted the “Pan And Powder” event in Port of Spain.

The steelband street festival began around 6 p.m. at City Hall where The Invaders and Desperadoes steel orchestras performed several songs that included calypso, soca, reggae and pop. The audience grew steadily as the bands performed and eventually there were several hundred people around City Hall and Woodford Square taking in the music.

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In order to construct effective public policies in any area of government and any country in…

Farming is not only big business, it is also a very cool career path. That’s the message Alpha Sennon has been taking to young people across Trinidad and Tobago with his We Help Youth Farm (WHYFARM) initiative.

THERE is a growing movement of women here in T&T and in the Caribbean that is tackling a very important but often underestimated problem - period poverty.

Constantly, I mean constantly, footwear is the reason for love or war in a podiatrist’s chair. Don’t you dare think this is happening only with women? Oh no, this is with the men and children too. From the stylish female; the pregnant ballerina flats wearing ones; the men who humour me with... “I can’t wear those wide width shoes”; to the little girls who can only wear “cute slippers”!

“The real Nailah Blackman is a very complicated artiste.” That was the coy response from soca’s brightest talent following the launch of her debut seven-track EP (extended play) album The Reel.