Paris (left) and Roxy James

The Boss Babe sister duo and co founders of ‘It’s Pretty Productive’ Paris (left) and Roxy James. Photo courtesy Luke James

MEET Paris and Roxy James—the ‘boss babe’ sister duo and co-founders of the wildly popular stationery brand ‘It’s Pretty Productive’. Their successful business offers the most visually appealing custom-made journals, notebooks, planners and stickers that you’ve ever seen. Then again, that was the sisters’ intention from the very start—to make planning fun and exciting so that their clients are always motivated to be productive and organised. What makes their stationery even more impressive and likeable is that it’s locally made.

Since it’s that time of the year when people start thinking about the goals they want to set and accomplish in the new year, what better time to speak with the sisters who’ve made a business out of helping people to maximise their productivity?

Much like their brand, Paris and Roxy are anything but average. As national scholarship winners they’ve always understood the importance of being organised and productive. While growing up they were obsessed with stationery but the options available at that time were limited, generic and flat-out boring. Fast forward years later when the duo decided to put the fun back into stationery supplies.

“After (completing) our degree in Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Neuroscience, we realised that our combined passion of academia melded well with the creative aspect of organisation,” say the sisters. “As a result we actually started creating stationery that we would have loved and used when growing up. You have to admit, you’re more inspired to be productive and organised when you have some cute but functional stationery in front of you.”

If you’ve every doubted the usefulness of planners and journals, think about the last time you tried to commit something to memory only to forget about it later that day.

“By writing things down, you wouldn’t have to worry about remembering everything and instead you can focus on your to-do list. Then there’s that added satisfaction and sense of accomplishment when you check things off,” they add.

Their planners offer people the opportunity to do much more than simply jot down important reminders. For instance their most requested item—the “It’s Pretty Productive” planner includes monthly bucket lists, habit trackers, stickers, weekly gratitude lists and much more.

While their brand has reshaped the way we see local stationery, the sisters also hope that their products inspire people to set goals and go after them. Roxy is a huge believer in making lists and setting goals. Years ago she created her YouTube channel with lifestyle content that ranges from productivity, organisation and girl boss tips to travel tips and DIY projects. Her channel has amassed more than 180,000 subscribers. Setting goals is a major theme in all her videos.

“With a new year—and decade just a few days away I think now is the perfect time to start pulling out your notepads and making a list of goals that you want to make happen. That immediately gives you a burst of inspiration and excitement to get those things done. You’ll have an idea of the direction you want to go in and you wouldn’t be just living day to day feeling lost and uninspired,” says Roxy.

Paris and Roxy have several things planned for the new year including their very own storefront. On December 14, they will have their “It’s Pretty Productive” event and Pop-Up Shop.

As young, female entrepreneurs Roxy and Paris must navigate the business world while remaining authentic to their brand and believing in themselves, and that can be challenging. When they started their own business not everyone believed in their vision, it was up to them to prove the naysayers wrong. With support from their mother, they focused their energy on the people who genuinely supported them and tuned out all the unnecessary background noise.

“Our advice to others is: even if no one believes in your dream, you have to have the strength to push through and go confidently in the direction of your dreams,” say the boss babe sister duo who also shared some tips which they hope can inspire their fans to live their best lives in 2020.

• Be persistent and relentless while pursuing your goals no matter how far-fetched they may seem and despite any challenges that may arise.

• Be grateful

• An all-round life is one that will truly be worth living. Don’t think that you have to be confined to just doing one thing all the time. Make a habit of exploring, trying new things and focusing on what truly matters.

For more info on their products, visit It’s Pretty Productive on Facebook and Instagram.


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