Do you remember when Dawad Philip used to present D’ Big Apple Calypso Revue calypso tent in New York, USA, every year during the week leading up to the Labor Day carnival in Brooklyn?

Philip presented an entertaining mix of calypso, soca and comedy featuring the top US-based artistes along with a fine selection of acts from Trinidad, one of two major calypso tents, each of which ran annually for years. Producing the tent every year, come hell or high water, was more a labour of love for Philip rather than a profitable venture. D’ Big Apple stage has been dormant for some time now, but there is hope for its resurrection some day.

Today we remember some of the great artistes who were among the favourites of D’ Big Apple audiences through the years that are not with us any more. Their music, will however live on. We also remember a couple of persons who contributed to the spread of calypso and soca in the United States.


Corned beef and cabbage, coleslaw, chow mein. Just a few of the popular Trinbagonian uses for this common vegetable.

However, we have a few other interesting ways that we like to use cabbage.

We can now visualise what the ­Caribbean could be like in 2040, through the new book, Pivot: The Future Makers.

The book brings to life nine moonshots or big ideas for regional transformation created at the first Pivot Event. It was launched alongside the music video premiere of “Shine”—The Pivot Movement’s theme song, by Freetown Collective. The event took place on April 9 via livestream on Freetown’s YouTube channel.

ON his second trip to Trinidad, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, visited the Asa Wright Nature Centre where he met royalty of another sort—the “King of the Swamp” Winston Nanan. Their backgrounds could not have been more different. As a member of the British royal family, Philip’s life was one of privilege, Nanan, on the other hand, lived a humble life and was of modest means. 

Classical music fans were treated recently to a special event at All Saints Church, Port of Spain, with a choral recital produced by Chandelier Productions and conducted by Maestro Michael Hudlin.

As the United States economy rebounds from its pandemic slump, a vital cog is in short supply: the computer chips that power a wide range of products that connect, transport and entertain us in a world increasingly dependent on technology.

Covid-19 has unfairly impacted some people more harshly than others, exacerbating existing inequities in health and welfare within and between countries. For recent World Health Day observances, (April 7), The World Health Organisation issued five calls for urgent action to improve health for all people.