If yuh like bacchanal and lacouray, yuh will love the Kaiso Showkase calypso tent.

The long-standing Palms Club, San Fernando, tent is dripping with sarcasm and laugh-and-hold-your-belly humour.

The diverse material from the mixed cast of veterans and relative newcomers was also thought-provo­king and self-reflective. Togeth­er, they took a packed house through the full gamut of emotions when the Express visited the tent last Thursday.

“When yuh go fat, yuh doh go back,” Alicia Richards declared em­phatically to a raucous cheer from an already tickled audience during the standout performance of the night.

The heavyset Richards related her initial dismay and eventual amusement at discovering her best friend was now shacked up with her husband, with the comical “Woman In Law”. She sang:

“Ah have to give everyone de score

How meh fren became meh woman in law

We lime whole day in a jam session

Next ting ah know she gone with meh man

Weeks and weeks me eh see dem

Couldn’t believe dey had problem

Den one day my friend visit me

To discuss some problems she have with he

She ask me how you live with that man

He foot stinkin

Doh care how he brush and floss gal

He mouth still smellin

Ah say wait, wait talk to meh hand

Yuh didn’t know dat when yuh theif meh man

De only problem ah had recently was how to get rid of he.”

Veteran bard Mr Mack (Victor MacDonald) and rising stars Def Prince (Keith Wason) and Sexy C (Crystal Jeselle Mitchum) also had sections of the audience falling out of their chairs with their respective “Birth Control”, “Pepper Man” and “Eat It”.

Def Prince shared an argument he had with his girlfriend about “Not eating meat he can’t put pepper on” while Sexy C related about her experience with an “elderly, no-teeth” man wanting to eat her meat during two highly comical displays.

Mack meanwhile told of his desire to tra­vel back in time and provide contraceptives for the fathers of several prominent nationals, including Leader of the Opposition Kamla Persad-Bissessar and trade union leader Watson Duke. He sang:

“Sir before yuh do what yuh have to do

Ah have ah condom for you.”

When he trained his sights on radio announcer and Showkase emcee Damien Melville, suggesting he was to thank for his existence, the entire tent roared in appreciation. He sang:

“The only reason Damien Melville alive today

Is because ah take dem condoms away.”

Newly crowned National Action Cultural Committee (NACC) Young Kings champion Banjela (Addelon Braveboy), Kevon Calliste, Rondell Donawa and Nicholas Lucas are among the outstanding youngsters at the tent.

Banjela showed exactly why he won that coveted crown, with a stirring rendition of “Tis Is We Season” that earned him an encore. Calliste, grandson of legendary bard Black Stalin (Leroy Calliste) was also impressive with an ode to his grandfather and iconic musican Roy Cape, entitled “Roy and Leroy”.

Lucas’ vocal delivery was immaculate atop his “Tongue Attached to Yuh Brain”. The reigning south monarch showed his pedigree and potential. Donawa, a finalist at tomorrow’s National Calypso Monarch final, was equally measured with his “We so Cold”.

WACK radio station owner Kenny Phillips and Kaiso showcase tent manager Ras Kommanda (Stephen Pascal) both earned the audience’s approval, albeit in different tempos.

Phillips’ hard-hitting “Wack Dem Kenny” had hands waving in a whacking motion as he laid waste to “culture vultures and users”.

Ras Kommanda meanwhile questioned the source of great wealth accumulated by a man called Lall Kissoon. He queried repeatedly, “Where you get the money Lall?”.

Kaiso Showkase 2020 cast

Ras Kommanda


El Drago

Mr Mack

Joseph Adams

Kaiso Nobby

Queen Victoria

Rondel Donawa

Count Robin

Ronaldo London

Kerice Pascal

Tenika Darius

Alica Richards

Sexy C


Kenny Phillips

Def Prince

Roxanne Singh

Daddy Chinee

Kevon Calliste

Nicholas Lucas

Black Bird

MC Damien Melville


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