Myron B

Myron B the news anchor.

Myron Bruce has an immediate social media hit on his hands with his immensely popular Extempo News. The 2018 National Extempo Monarch, best known as Myron B, has added satire to the biggest news stories on the island with the segment that first appeared on Cup of Joe on TV6 three weeks ago.

Since then his farcical acting and comical lyrics on Extemp News have been shared hundreds of thousands of times across all social media platforms. In the three episodes he has released he has made light of the Venezuelan immigrant registration process; a snake attacking a zoo keeper at the Emperor Valley Zoo; and the arrest of former minister of public administration Marlene McDonald.

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Rock music (or more accurately: roots-rock) hit Carifesta perhaps for the first time since the inception of the regional festival during one of the “Elemental Series” nights held recently at the Big Black Box on Murray Street in Woodbrook.

IT’S common knowledge that not all children learn at the same pace. As a result, some fall behind and are forced to catch up while others slip through the cracks of the education system.