Shastri Maharaj

COMING OF AGE: Artist Shastri Maharaj stands in front his painting “Arrival”, at the launch of his Aagaman exhibit at the NCIC Heritage Centre, Divali Nagar site, Chaguanas.

A body of work representative of the Indian experience within a Trinidad and Tobago context. That’s how visual artist Shastri Maharaj describes his latest art collection, Aagaman—The Coming. Maharaj, an art lecturer at the Valsayn Teachers’ College, has put together a vivid and at times quite stunning interpretation of the lives of East Indian people in T&T.

The collection is informed by his personal life experiences. And Mahraj was not afraid to share those pieces of himself at the exhibition’s launch, last Saturday, at the National Council for Indian Culture (NCIC) Heritage Centre, Divali Nagar site, Chaguanas.

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