Julian Hackett

MYSTERY MAN: Julian promos founder Julian Hackett, has extended the global reach of soca over the past decade.

For close to a decade YouTube channel Julianspromos has been the go-to destination for all new soca music releases.

During that time Julianspromos has set the gold standard for soca music streams, generating over 1.2 billion views from 140 countries worldwide. The channel has garnered over 4.2 billion impressions (the number of times someone comes across a video on YouTube) and over 1,300 official releases per year.

Those stats have positioned Julianpromos as the undisputed “go-to” soca exclusive online platform. But as impressive as those numbers are, creator Julian Hackett says his channel’s latest accomplishment supersedes all others.

Julianpromos recently hit one million total subscribers on YouTube. Hackett counts that achievement as the most momentous for his strictly soca music platform.“There’s a big significance in a 100 per cent soca channel reaching over a million subscribers. There are many other channels that are dedicated to 100 per cent soca, with the second only having 150,000 subscribers.

Soca needs these large numbers to show that there is a true loyal core following out there for the genre,” the elusive Hackett told the Express on Friday.

Adding a ‘Tender Touch’

Hackett, who purposely never shows his face in public, said while billions are generated from Carnival globally not enough of that trickles down to the artiste whose music fuels all incarnations of the festival. “Unlike other genres, soca never really had the numbers in their favour to make it to a higher level. Hundreds of millions of people attend carnival, soca parties and soca festivals every year and billions of dollars are spent every year on this, all of which soca is a part, but those numbers barely filter down to the actual genre,” he revealed.

For this reason the soca music promotion visionary has once again partnered his Julianpromos brand with one of the genre’s premiere producers, Advokit Productions, to not only mark the achievement but to also continue to position the genre firmly in the global limelight.

Advokit producer Kitwana Israel, the brainchild behind the immensely popular Kan Kan Rididm, has released the Tender Touch Riddim exclusively on Julianpromos.

The project features soca heavyweights Patrice Roberts, Nailah Blackman and Olatunji Yearwood, as well as budding stars Hey Choppi (Sean Padmore) and Melly Rose (Melissa St Rose). Nigerian act Skales (Raoul John Njeng-Njeng) appears alongside Melly Rose on the single “Shine on Me”.

Julianspromos and AdvoKit Productions have successfully collaborated in the past. In 2017, they first teamed to release the successful Folklore Riddim, which featured Kees Dieffenthaller’s genre-crossing hit “Hello”. The song has been streamed over 60 million times to date.

In 2018 the two again collaborated to release the Twin Flame Riddim which featured Kees, Olatunji, Azaryah (Seumas Keelan Callendar) and Bajan crooner Marvay (Damian Marvay).

Hackett says, greater collaboration between credible online music promotion platforms and soca music creators is exactly what is needed to catapult the genre forward. He pointed to the thriving electronic dance music (EDM) scene as a prime example of what is possible when creators and innovators work together.

“The closest genre in comparison when it comes to a festive scene is EDM world which pulls in millions of people and billions of dollars annually from festivals and events worldwide. The popularity of that scene is proven by numbers (dedicated promo and label channels with over 10 million subscribers, songs with millions of views, and high streaming numbers in the billions. So having a promo/label channel that’s dedicated to soca music reaching one million subscribers is one of the many steps needed to help establish the genre,” Hackett concluded.


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