staying connected

AS COVID-19 continues to impact people and countries around the world, teams have begun working remotely. In an effort to support public health and safety and make working remotely easier during these difficult times, Microsoft is making its Microsoft Teams platform available to organisations and schools around the world for free.

“We are inspired by the agility and ingenuity that impacted schools, hospitals, and businesses have shown during COVID-19. We are committed to helping organisations around the world stay connected and productive during these times,” said Jared Spataro, corporate vice-president, Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Teams is the hub for teamwork in Microsoft 365 where teams can chat, meet, make calls and collaborate in a safe place. To start:


• Anyone can register for the freemium version of Teams.

• If you have a corporate or school e-mail, you can also register.

IT Professionals:

• If you work for a company that does not have a licence for Teams, you can try Office 365 E1 for free, for six months.

• If you work in the education sector and would like for professors, students and administrators to use Teams, use Office 365 A1, a free version of Office 365 available to all educational institutions.

Since January 31, in China, we have seen an increase of 500 per cent in the use of Teams for meetings, calls and conferences, as well as a 200 per cent increase in the use of the platform on mobile devices.

Despite the above, the service has been fluid during the outbreak, as the continuity of the service to Microsoft clients during the increase in use at times like this remains a priority.

Microsoft is also committed to offering the tools, tips and information needed to help organisations and IT departments adjust to working remotely. You can access these tips and find additional information about how to use Microsoft Teams on their website.


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