Thirty-five-year-old Candice John is no ordinary teacher. For the past three years, she has worked at the National Centre for Persons with Disabilities (NCDP) in San Fernando as resident Information Technology (IT) instructor.

John is visually impaired, but if you look around her IT lab, it has the appearance of any other you would find at institutions around the nation. Have a closer look and you would see that this is no ordinary lab.

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As a person with a visual impairment, John is aware of the potential challenges of her trainees who have a wide range of disabilities: physical, autism, deaf, hard of hearing, speech impairment, cerebral palsy, Down’s Syndrome, blind and visually impaired, intellectual and learning disabilities, as well as mild mental and seizure disorders.

While assistive technology such as specialised computer equipment or software programmes can help compensate for disabilities and impairments that affect hand dexterity, vision, and hearing, the high cost of such technology makes personal acquisition prohibitive for many individuals. Over the past 14 years, International Game Technology (IGT), formerly known as GTECH, has partnered with NCPD to donate required assistive hardware and software to keep the IT lab continually updated and relevant.


There are so many skilful make-up artists in the beauty world, it’s getting hard to keep up! Angel Joseph is one of them. But she isn’t just keeping up with the trends in a fast and growing industry; she also aims to change the game. 

Maloney Story is an open expose of the life of soca star Preedy. The 27-year-old entertainer grew up in the Maloney Gardens housing scheme just off the Churchill Roosevelt Highway in D’Abadie during the late 1990s. Choosing to title his first EP (extended play) album Maloney Story, after the community, is the ultimate tipping of the hat to a place he still calls home.

I was blind-folded, dressed in cotton apparel, and placed on the earth/ ground in a room specially sanctified for that purpose. My mourning ritual had a stipulated time/ period which ran from days to weeks depending on spiritual direction.

Vengan todos los Fielses — O Come all Ye Faithful. That’s the open call from the National Parang Association of Trinidad and Tobago (NPATT) to parangderos the island over as the 2019 season strums off.

YOU’VE probably already observed them on the highways, a group of brave and extraordinary women dressed in their branded shirts and embellished helmets as they blaze the trails on their powerful motorbikes.

An invitation to a wedding is not a quid pro quo situation: just because you invited someone does not mean they owe you a gift. Nonetheless, when no wedding gift is received from a guest, it’s an awkward (not to mention hurtful) situation.