“WHAT are its functions? What can it do?” a young boy asked, as he peered intently at the robot in front of him. No more than ten years old, his class teacher tried in vain to get his attention. He was mesmerised by the technological marvel before him, rattling off question after question to Wepala, an innovation-focused firm that introduces pupils to STEM concepts using robotics.

This youngster’s reaction was exactly what the TEDxPortofSpain organisers had in mind when they decided to shine the spotlight on Technology (the ‘T’ in TED) by including a Tech Hub component at their most recent event. Under the overall event theme, Opportunity, the Tech Hub enabled participants to explore innovative technologies in action in Trinidad and Tobago and consider opportunities to leverage them for business, education, and social good.

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As an advocate for leveraging technology in national development, TSTT, through its commercial brand, bmobile, was proud to partner with TEDxPortofSpain to host the mindset-shifting event.


AT around four to five inches in length, each kidney is about the size of an adult fist, yet the roles they play aren’t only essential but lifesaving. Commonly referred to as the ‘chemists’ of the body, the kidneys balance the body’s fluids, remove waste products, including chemicals and medications from the body, produce and release hormones that affect the function of other organs and regulate blood pressure.

The “Original Don Dada” is dead. Veteran dancehall artiste and part-time actor Leonard Ford, aka Louie Rankin, was killed in a car crash in Canada last week. Ford, 66, died last Monday in Ontario, in a crash which reportedly included a transport truck and another vehicle.

She walks through the streets of Sangre Grande confidently. A nice denim outfit complements her tall physique, and matching shoes add to the allure. Most pedestrians don’t notice; they are too busy, too preoccupied. But a few of them stare and make negative comments, but their jeers don’t take the pep out of her step.

Each week, Six and the City takes you to an exciting city and provides some quick details on the city’s interesting people. This week, the spotlight is on Karol Cardona and her location is the enthralling Panama City, Panama.

There are some people that from the very moment you first encounter them, they leave a lasting impression on you. That’s Reginald Tokaay. He’s what we’d define as a real saltfish, or “dushi”, which in Papiamento means sweetheart, among other pleasant things.