Patient with arm wrap

Patient with arm wrap.

Many breast cancer survivors will probably tell you that the battle against the disease is one of the hardest they may have ever faced. That is why these courageous people deserve all the support they need as they go through the fight of their lives. While a lot is known about the importance of detection and the treatment of the disease, not many people are fully aware that after breast cancer treatment, there are sometimes complications that survivors might not anticipate.

Local certified lymphoedema therapist and board-certified massage therapist Karie-Ann de Gannes is particularly aware of this risk of complications as she sees them all the time in her clients. “After surgery or radiation therapy, some patients develop lymphoedema,” she explains.


Here are plants that have air-purifying qualities and you do not need a balcony to keep them around. They can be settled in your living room, bedroom or even the one-room apartment you might be renting.

Nappy’s son, Levi Mayers (stage name Levi Myaz) has assembled an all-star cast of artistes for the “Ole Time Days” concert tribute to his deceased father to be held at Kaiso Blues Café, Wrightson Road, Port of Spain, tomorrow. Nappy passed away from heart complications in December 1993. He was 41.

Two of my patients, one with diabetes and kidney failure, and the other with kidney failure passed away this year. It is really sad to hear of the transitioning of patients, and both were on dialysis. Kidney disease is not an easy battle; add diabetes, and it makes matters worse.