Tyrone Walters

Blessed Messenger (Tyrone Walters)

How hard is it for an extrovert to practice social distancing?

Ask gospel singer Blessed Messenger and he would tell you it’s near impossible.

Government has advised nationals to desist from all forms of social interactions and gatherings of larger than ten in the wake of the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Blessed Messenger (Tyrone Walters), 35, the outgoing praise and worship act says he has had to fight his natural instinct to hug or shake hands with the people he encounters daily.

“My family and myself have been practising social distancing, but I am generally a jovial person so greeting others is a big part of my every day. So it’s been tough but it’s what we have to do, along with heavy sanitation,” the Tobago-born singer told Kitcharee on Friday via WhatsApp.

Like most music creatives in the country the “Famalay” singer has found himself physically isolated from his large fan base. And while he can communicate with thousands of followers across social media the global pandemic has all but stymied his earnings.

“The COVID-19 has hit very hard. All my international and local events have been either (been) cancelled or postponed which is understandable, but I thank God for being who he is in this situation,” he relayed with genuine optimism.

In a combative mood

The new restrictive living situation has not taken the fire out of his belly, however. Known for his assertive, in-your-face vocal delivery Blessed Messenger has released a new track that takes the fight directly to the heart of the greatest evil there is: The Devil.

The track is on repeat on every gospel music outlet in the region and has crossed over onto some mainstream airwaves. He sings:

For too long

The Devil have a way

That’s been taking things that don’t belong to him

For too long

He’s been stealing all the joy

And the peace that is everlasting

So I went down to the enemy’s camp

And ah take it back

The prince of peace

Shall put joy under my feet

Christ is the prince of peace

Aye, Satan

The blood of Jesus is against you

Yuh goin to get mash up.

“For me 2020 is a year of total worship to the most high God and warfare against the enemies camp: Satan. I really spent the first two months in prayer and fasting, trying my best to get closer to God for the work ahead,” he said.

While not distracted by the eventful Carnival the artiste said he was aware of some of the popular soca releases and most of the competitions and results.

“I spent that time in the Blanchisseuse hills with family. Soca is all around in the atmosphere, it’s a powerful genre I feel blessed to be from the land of its origin. I don’t follow the releases but as it pertains to the results of the competitions yes, I do,” said the former student of Wallace State College, Alabama, USA.

Blessed Messenger says despite current disruptions his current focus remains on completing his third studio album. The yet to be titled project, he says, will showcase his musical growth and renewed faith.

“The lenten season is a time of most prayer for me. I try my best to live that way all year round. I have been working on enhancing and perfecting the craft.

I am very proud of my fellow artistes who have been elevating themselves and improving the sound and still keep it scriptural. I have adapted to a militant style and approach to the music and ministry so when you hear or see the messenger you must be uplifted and convicted to live right,” he concluded.

Oh, and as for the urge to hug and shake hands with fans we recommend a virtual bounce.


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