Wild Fowl Trust

Inland from an estuary, where there is more fresh water and plants are thicker, waterfowl, both local and migratory, form an important part of wetland ecosystems, pollinating and distributing many species of swamp vegetation.

Over one hundred and thirty different species of birds migrate to Trinidad and Tobago yearly from North America and over 33 from South America when the Antarctic winter arrives.

Grebes, coots, jacanas, gallinules, herons, smaller marsh birds and many species of wading birds are found, seasonally, or year-round in our swamps and marshes.

Our waterfowl rely on our wetlands for feeding and nesting; while temperate species use them as important migratory stopping-off areas before their long flight home.

For six months of the year these birds become ours and their survival depends on the survival of our wetlands and on us.

The Wild Fowl Trust is an inland freshwater wetland habitat encompassing 26 hectares and two lakes, uniquely situated within a large petrochemical complex in Pointe-a-Pierre on the west coast of Trinidad.

The trust is actively involved in research and captive breeding of endangered waterfowl and other wetland birds for the release and reintroduction into natural wildlife areas.

Many of the 86 species of birds recorded in The Pointe-a-Pierre Wild Fowl Trust breed naturally in forested and lake areas of the trust.

Environmentally education, field and interpretive work and environmental therapy for the differently abled is also a focal point of the trust. Over 19,000 schoolchildren visit yearly.


A song that is truly an evergreen soul classic originally recorded by the Five Stairsteps, that has been covered by a host of artistes, among them the likes of Nina Simone, The Spinners, Mary Wilson, Kirk Franklin with Donnie McLurkin and Kelly Rowland, and even sampled by Janet Jackson in her song “Truth”, has now been covered by a Trinidadian artiste alongside his daughter, just in time for the Father’s Day weekend and to also bring some positive vibes in this time of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Delivering what can only be summed up as the right message at the right time, local artist, Ziggy Rankin has released a major collaboration cover for the 70s single, “O-o-h Child”.

Walking across the agricultural fields of Cumuto South, Barrackpore, the grass was still wet with dew at seven o’clock in the morning. The earth was squelchy and crunchy to the footstep. Crunch, crunch, crack, oh no! This was not stable soil underfoot at all.

There should be more platforms that encourage female empowerment and for the voices of girls and young women to be heard. With this in mind, Girl Be Heard (GBH) has created a programme which utilises storytelling, theatre and arts and other socially conscious initiatives to create change.

Apple has unveiled new tools and technologies designed to help developers create more engaging app experiences and make it even easier to build high-quality apps.

PEOPLE are finding it difficult to cope with the pandemic, far more so for parents of children with special needs, says Kelvin Thomas. The husband, father and graphic artist ought to know. Thomas and his wife Patricia are the parents of 12-year-old Kinaya-Joy who was diagnosed with Down syndrome and autism. Kinaya-Joy is non-verbal and also in remission from leukaemia. Due to the cancer treatment she received, Kinaya-Joy’s oesophagus has been reduced to three millimetres which means that she can choke on something as small as a rice grain, therefore her parents must purée all her meals.

“YOU give me love like an ocean... deep and wide,” sings gospel artist Abigail Roberts in her latest single “Deep and Wide” which was produced by Jabari Bowman of JSB Productions.