Trinidadian gospel reggae star Joel “Positive” Murray

Trinidadian gospel reggae star Joel “Positive” Murray 

Trinidadian gospel reggae star Joel “Positive” Murray will be among the headline acts to perform in Jamaica for its Summer Gospel Concert Series “Realignment Chapter 3”.

He will release his latest track OutYa, which seeks to show believers that God’s message does not have to be confined to the four walls of a church.

He said, “This is an opportunity to fellowship, powerful testimonies, and an opportunity to spread God’s word in different ways.”

The singer was chosen by event organisers, Kevin Downswell Ministries.

The concert takes place this weekend in Jamaica’s capital city of Kingston at Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre July 22, and St Hilda’s High School in St Ann, July 23.

Known for his uplifting lyrics, Positive has had major success in Jamaica with tracks such as “Rock of My Life” featuring Dj Nicholas, “Highest of Heights”, “Mighty God” and “Favour”.

For the multiple-Marlin award winner, this is not his first stint in Jamaica. In 2014, he was a featured act in another summer gospel show called Caribbean Gospel Escape.

Positive’s music has been quite popular throughout the Caribbean, and his songs continue to receive heavy rotation on Jamaica airwaves.

He will share the stage with some of the best gospel artistes around the world such as Kelontae Gavin (USA), Ryan Mark (Jamaica), Kevin Downswell (Jamaica), Uche Agu (Nigeria) among other top local acts.

Realignment, a concert series which began in 2017, has the ultimate aim of giving back to neglected and abused children, in various parishes in Jamaica.

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Given Positive’s inspiring messages, creativity, what he stands for and his popularity in Jamaica, organisers of the event felt he would be a good representation of the Caribbean’s genre’s diverse mix of music.

“Positive’s energy, when he touches the stage, is nothing short of electric and inviting; the response he gets from the audience in Jamaica is not only welcoming but fit to showcase how Trinis worship, he is an excellent addition to our line up”, said Kevin Downswell, International Christian Artiste and Founder for Realignment.

Positive recently took to his Instagram page to share his thoughts on the upcoming summer gospel concert series.

He said, “The past couple months have been extraordinary! Can’t wait for my next stop which is beautiful Jamaica! Jamrock, I’m believing God for a grand time as we lift Jesus higher!”


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