Brasso Seco Chocolate Company

Photos courtesy the Brasso Seco Chocolate Company

IF you’re a chocolate lover, then this one’s for you. This September has been designated T&T’s first ever national month of cocoa and chocolate and is packed with chocolate related events, tastings and samplings.

This initiative which takes chocolate fans on a tasty journey through the chocolate making process—from bean to bar—is being hosted by Destination Chocolate Trinidad and Tobago, an organisation made up of cocoa farmers, processors, retailers and many others. 


Blisters happen from time to time. Whether they form on the hands from hard work; on the feet from shoes; or just going barefoot, they’re an aggravation. Potentially, they are a gateway to more serious conditions, if left untreated. Here’s how foot blisters happen, and can be prevented.

“NOTHING seems to make sense anymore,” David Rudder sings on repeat in “State of the Nation”—his pore-raising commentary about where our society is heading. David Bishop and MX Prime (Edghill Thomas) added their vocals to the track in which Rudder addresses crime and corruption.

Maria Bhola is a brilliant calypsonian whose lyrics are imbued with narratives that tackle social issues and advocate for the downtrodden with equal parts empathy and rage. When she delves into hard issues, she is not willing to simply make noise; in fact, according to Bhola, “When I sing, it must be that I have something to say.”

They say a veil is what turns a woman in a beautiful white dress into a bride, and we agree! There’s something so romantic about the flowing fabric and the time-honoured tradition, whether it’s a birdcage style or cathedral-length and edged in lace.