Mary Noriega Rose

It was a quiet Saturday morning in Calvary Hill, Arima, August 26 to be exact, until Mary Noriega Rose rang the bell at Santa Rosa RC Church further down the hill. The blast of the cannon by the Calvary water tanks came next as everyone in the area was summoned to the feast.

Noriega Rose smiled proudly. Opening the annual Arima celebrations for the Carib Santa Rosa Festival and the feast of Santa Rosa de Lima is an activity she loves. 


HE’S only 24 but pannist Joshua Regrello is already making waves with his first album De Pan Man.

Life is a piece of cake for filmmaker/photographer Jabari Daniel.

Daniel, 27, debuted his short film Cheesecake to rave reviews at the trinidad + tobago film festival (ttff) on Friday.

Determined to make a positive change in the world, Nneka Ruiz Montalvo, a banking professional with over two decades of experience in her field, has opened a bookstore.

I see a frightened humanity

A sad and confused society

One may be mistakenly tempted, on looking at the printed lyrics of “Progress”, to come to the conclusion that it is a formless juxtaposition of words. 

The sweet side of the sister isle.

That’s what pastry chef Antonette Alfred shares with every visitor to her island-famous Annie’s Dessert Parlour, on Milford Road in Scarborough, Tobago.