IF you want to know of a real-life ‘riches to rags’ story, you need look no further than Venezuela. For those of us here in Trinidad who are aware of the nightmare which Venezuelans are living through this very moment, it might be difficult to imagine that not very long ago in our modern history, Venezuela was once the pride of South America and the envy of its Latin neighbours. Back in the 1950s Caracas in particular was reputed to be the ‘capital of opportunities in South America’.

Extravagant titles like those belong in history books and museums where ancient relics are stored, for it means nothing to the average Venezuelan who is struggling to make even half of what they used to earn as a result of hyperinflation which is expected to climb to 13,000 per cent this year.


Mamma Mia is serving a slice of Italy to go.

Like all restaurants in Trinidad and Tobago, the popular Italian pizzeria has been restricted by the national ban on in-dining due to the ongoing pandemic. But Italian chef and owner Mirko D’alessio says their new family meal offerings and classy packaging make it easy to recreate an authentic experience at home.

Visual artists Devonte Mansano, Helen Gohlke, Esther Griffith, Jemima Charles and Amber Shaw. The work of these five talented artists will make up “Patchwork Revolution: a joint exhibition”, hosted at Horizons Art Gallery.

From the now standard Extempo Debate explo­ring the “Big Idea” of the day to dramatised readings of the classics, and to the staple Stand & Deliver open mic, festival attendees online can once again take delight in some of their favourite festival treats.

AS Covid-19 continues its devastating world tour, it can be easy to forget that there are other medical conditions that demand our attention. Today, the Express will focus on men’s health.