The issue of the repatriation of Trinidad and Tobago nationals, stuck in the United Kingdom due to the closure of this country's borders in li…

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Video footage seen by the Sunday Express shows a Special Opera­tions Response Team (SORT) officer secretly stuffing a block of cash into his tactical uniform during the raid at a La Horquetta residence last week, during which an estimated $22 million was seized.

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Police officers fired shots into the air to drive back protesters involved in a fiery demonstration that is causing traffic gridlock in Port o…

Heavy rainfall, accompanied by high speed wind, toppled trees and caused flash flooding in parts of Trinidad on Saturday morning.

THE United National Congress Member of Parliament for Naparima Rodney Charles said that if Government has extended the amnesty to migrant Venezuelans then it must abide by the United Nations Convention and have a plan for the migrants’ entitlement to education, health care and fair treatment, as provided to people of Trinidad and Tobago.

Express photographer Jermaine Cruickshank is at the Hyatt Waterfront in Port of Spain, where T&T citizens employed on the Disney Fantasy c…

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    As of Friday night, three of the more than 100 people who tested positive for COVID-19, have been allowed to leave hospital.

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      A third bar owner has been charged with breaching the Public Health Ordinance Regulations.

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        It's official. The Health Ministry is now recommending that people wear masks when out in public.

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