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Lone diving survivor Christopher Boodram wept throughout his testimony at the commission of enquiry (CoE) yesterday as he expressed sorrow and guilt at failing to fulfil his promise of returning for his “brothers” in the pipeline.

Boodram sobbed on the witness stand on Day 2 of the hearing, his voice cracked and he continuously wiped away a stream of tears with a white hand towel as he detailed how he escaped the pipeline nightmare on February 25 this year.

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IN the hours after his escape from the pipeline that became the tomb for his four friends, Christopher Boodram says while at hospital he spoke with several people on the phone about the divers he had to leave behind.

Boodram says that in the fog caused by his pain, trauma, and medication, he may have forgotten some of what he said to Paria officials about the trapped men.

But in answer to Paria’s attorney yesterday, a defiant Boodram said he was certain that he would never have told anyone that the divers were dead.

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Unable to bear seeing him and hearing their son’s last words before death, the parents of diver Kazim Ali Jnr exited the Commission of Enquiry…

Among the 383 homicides recorded in 2012, there is one that may not have garnered much attention.

To this day, however, it has left a survi­ving family member with feelings of immense loss and hurt, and with a prayer that families will do right by the youth of the nation to repair everything that is wrong with society.

The life of Atiba Charles was snuffed out in November 2012 at the hands of merciless cri­minals.

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In 1846, racist Englishman author and artist Charles William Day tra­velled across to the West Indies.

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    COLLIN Forbes was passionate about cars, his favourite time of the year was Christmas, he was a naturally-talented cook, and he prioritised his family, even more so the children who surrounded his home life.

    Forbes was also an exemplar of the rehabilitation process of the criminal justice system. Sentenced in February 2018 when he was 33 years old after police caught him carrying a loaded firearm, a Princes Town magistrate ordered him to serve 20 months in prison for three firearm-related offences. During his time in prison, he chose to engage in occupational-based programmes of cabinet-making and auto-mechanic repairs. He re-emerged as a new man.

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    “EH, the Carnival sweet in Tobago.”

    “And outside nice!”

    Those ebullient chants from soca acts Zan (Joel Feveck) and Kernal Roberts, respectively, brought full circle the Tobago Carnival parade experience at sunset yesterday in Scarborough.

    Both men are featured on the Chinese Laundry (Anthony Chow Lin On) Scarborough Riddim on the tracks “We Reach” and “Outside Nice”, respectively. The “riddim” was adopted as the official songs of Tobago Carnival, in August, and has been on repeat on the sister isle ever since.

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    Before he began wearing a crown of iron rods, and walking the streets in a crocus bag skirt, Lennox Maloney was a gifted metalworker employed …

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    On a wall in the rum drinking section of VP Gooljar’s junction shop in Barrackpore, is an unfinished mural that depicts the men who lived, wor…

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    One memorable day in 1982, bushman Antinio Herrera rounded up some partners living in the village of Brothers Road, Tabaquite, and followed an…

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    POLICE killed four men and are searching for at least three others who pounced on the residence of a businessman and his family in a quiet gat…

    When 23-year-old Zaliah (not her real name) gave birth to her first child in 2020, she found herself plagued by a “deep, dark hopelessness” th…

    When Raymond La Croix was 17-years-old, he would stand on the beach at Grande Riviere Bay on moonless nights, looking out to sea on Trinidad’s…

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