Fiery protests paralysed school and business activity in Barrackpore on Monday 11th October as residents blocked five main access routes into the area with burning debris.

Tyres, barrels and wooden crates were heaped on roads and set ablaze from as early as 5 a.m. Protesters stood with placards and called for the resolution of multiple issues they say are in dire need of redress while the Fire Service and the police attempted to restore order.

Protesters told reporters that action will continue in the weeks ahead if the area’s poor roads, unreliable water supply and farming issues do not get a response from relevant authorities.

Apart from growing potholes and uneven roads, they said several areas have been deprived of pipe-borne water for months.

They said some farmers were owed funds from the Ministry of Agriculture and agricultural roads needed repairs.

Express Chief Photographer DEXTER PHILIP visited the protest and filed these images.