With the sod already turned on the San Fernando Waterfront Redevelopment Project, it marks one of the largest regeneration projects to date in Trinidad and Tobago with the injection of over $1billion by the Government for several developmental projects in the the second city. 

While many welcomed the increased activity and job creation by these works, residents say it was long overdue.

The much anticipated San Fernando Waterfront Project, as well as the construction of the Skinner Park's Pavilion and the San Fernando Magistrate Court, are already underway said the president of the Greater San Fernando Chamber Kiran Singh.

In April 2017, the Government approved the first phase for this redevelopment project to commence.

Some of the projects to be undertaken will include: San Fernando Waterfront Coastal Wall, San Fernando Waterfront Reclamation Project, Lady Hailes Mixed-Use Development, A Fishing Facility, San Fernando Waterfront Public Car Park, Plaza San Carlos Historic District, Lady Hailes Avenue Widening Project, and Boardwalk.

The Urban Development Corporation (Udecott) was one of the companies selected by the Government to oversee the San Fernando Waterfront Redevelopment Project.

This multi-billion dollar project is set to reclaim 3.8 hectares of coastline at King’s Wharf, in addition to 1.6 hectors to provide accommodation to hotels, a harbour, a new water taxi terminal, and an area for the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard and Customs and Excise personnel.

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic has brought both health and financial challenges locally, regionally, and internationally. This has created a slow-down of the global economy.

According to Singh, trying to find the right way to boost economic activity moving forward will prove to be a delicate balance of managing risk versus reward for the country.

He says the Government’s vision for the San Fernando Waterfront Project will bring growth and development to the city. 

Express Chief Photographer DEXTER PHILIP visited the ongoing works at King's Wharf in San Fernando and captured some of the progress taking place.