Less proved to be more at Yuma mas band’s Carnival 2020 launch, on Saturday 3rd August, at the Hasely Crawford stadium, Mucurapo.

 The Tragarete road band presented an eye catching minimalist display aptly titled Fete. The costuming, led by Dewer, who designed five of the band’s 14 sections, showed restraint. In an era of big over the top arches and elaborate feathering YUMA went the opposite way to showcase a breathable and movable frontline.

 On launch night the models carried the costumes with ease across an innovative white and black cubed stage as YUMA made a statement about the future direction of mas. Dewer’s colourful peacock fan “Hard Wine” and peach, fuchsia and green “Temptress” both received massive cheers of approval from an exuberant youthful crowd.

 First timers Marieange Bovell and Keisha Als had the stand out piece of the display with “Mimosa”. The yellow, green and pink piece proved intoxicating as it lived up to the bubbly fruity character of its namesake champagne and citrus blend cocktail.

 Express Photographer JERMAINE CRUICKSHANK attended the launch and captured these images.