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Police are seeking the public's help in locating missing Arima teenager Christian Williams.

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A MAN who claims his 74-year-old father was beaten with a hose while naked outside a home for the elderly, wants an investigation launched into the facility.

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Director of the Police Complaints Authority (PCA) David West is maintaining that the Authority did nothing wrong when it made a recommendation to Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith to suspend officers involved in the fatal shooting of three men in Morvant on June 27.

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BAR owners are brimming over with frustration.

They say they are losing 50 to 70 per cent of their revenue because of reduced operating hours amid Covid-19 restrictions and they have had enough of the Government’s decision to reduce their operating hours.

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The young woman from “a small place in the back of nowhere” may become the first female Member of Parliament for Tabaquite in the August 10 general election.

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TWO students who were arrested and charged following heated protests at The University of the West Indies (UWI) in 2018 have been cleared.

The matter came up before Magistrate Sherene Murray-Bailey and the students— Nathaniel John and Brian Richards— were defended by attorneys Keith Scotland, Prakash Ramadhar, Brian Baig and Kyshia Kydd-Hannibal, led by John Jeremy SC.


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