Police officers at the scene of the triple killing. Photo: DEXTER PHILIP

Police are at the scene of a crime right out of a horror movie.

Three decomposing bodies were found at a residence at Clarke Road, Penal this afternoon.

And it appears to be the bodies of three adults who lived there, a man, his wife, and his brother.

Wazir Mohammed, 58, Shelly Ann Mohammed, 57, and Nazim Mohammed, 50 were discovered by a relative around 3.30 pm, police said.

It appears they were dead for days.

Also found in the house were two girls, aged eight months and four years old.

They appeared clean and well fed, and police say that a relative, who is now the prime suspect, may have cared for them.


The horror house is located behind these trees. Photo: DEXTER PHILIP

Crime scene officers are searching for evidence before removing the bodies.

The children have been taken to hospital.

The house is hidden behind large trees and a galvanised roofing sheet fence. There are no homes nearby.

Found by son

According to Senior Superintendent Wayne Mohammed, the bodies were found at around 3.30p.m. by the couple's son Vishad Mohammed, 21, who lives elsewhere.

He came to the home of his parents because he could not reach them by phone since Sunday.

The son said he climbed  a locked gate, and went to the house. The son said he found a door leading to the house broken.

He found the bodies in the house and the children inside.

The police officer said of the children: "from all appearances, they were well kept".

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He said the victims appeared to have been shot dead, but the motive was unknown.

Killed on Sunday?

Relatives were told that the three may have been murdered on Sunday.

Wendy Seepersad, Sherry Ann Mohammed's cousin, said the family never complained of being threatened and relatives were clueless as to why they were murdered.


Behind this galvanised roofing sheet gate is the house. Photo: DEXTER PHILIP

Persad said the husband sold scrap iron for almost 30 years. His wife was unemployed.

"This is really sad. I cannot say why this happened. My cousin was a very nice person. She never went anywhere. I didn't know her husband well," she said.

Persad said the children were taken to the Siparia Health Facility.


Although Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley said the Public Service has deteriorated and many public servants produce “absolutely nothing” and expect to be paid, he said yesterday he did not describe them as “lazy”.

Police have provided Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha (SDMS) secretary general Satnarayan Maharaj with a copy of the warrant which gave them the authority to search the Tunapuna premises of Radio and TV Jaagriti.

Attorney Michael Quamina has dismissed criticisms and questions over his appointment as chairman of Trinidad Petroleum Holdings Ltd (TPHL), ­saying he is ready to take on the job. He said concerns over potential conflict of interest with him being Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley’s lawyer in the “fake oil” scandal are unfounded.

FRAUD and conspiracy accused Michael Carew was released from jail yesterday morning. Carew has been in custody since last Monday. Carew is the husband of fired public administration minister Marlene McDonald, who is outside on $2 million bail.