Flashback AUGUST 1: Jamaat leader Yasin Abu Bakr surrenders on Maraval Road, Port of Spain, following six days of siege during the 1990 attempted coup which he led.

Jamaat-al-Muslimeen leader Yasin Abu Bakr stated that while he is remorseful for lives lost in the 1990 attempted coup, he is not sorry for his actions.

“I humbly expressed my remorse for those who lost loved ones during the 1990 revolution. I do not and did not apologise for risking my life and the lives of 113 others in order to remove the unpopular, oppressive, NAR Government which did many wrongs, including murder and planned to murder myself and other Jamaat leaders,” read a post signed by Bakr on the Jamaat’s Facebook page yesterday.

Bakr said a “deeper” investigation would find that many died at the hands of the police and army during the unrest.

“Approximately 18 out of the 24 people who died during the coup were killed while looting. They were nowhere near TTT and the Red House. We were in TTT and the Red House under fire from the army,” he stated.

“The brave PC Solomon McLeod who died at the gates of the police headquarters, we salute you. You died in combat. We notified the police to evacuate the building to ensure no one lost their life. I myself was a police officer for ten years. I understand the hardships of police service in an oppressive system. Those who lost their lives in Parliament, my condolences to them and their families. However, it was never established who shot those individuals. Police, army or my revolutionaries. The police murdered and tortured our families who were not combatants while we were in TTT and the Red House,” said Bakr.

He accused law enforcement of destroying all that the Jamaat built at 1 Mucurapo Road, except the mosque.

Bakr stated that Abdul Kareem, Jasani Omowale and Bernadette James were all killed by the police.

He said they ensured that anyone who was shot or injured, including then-prime minister ANR Robinson, was sent for treatment to preserve their life.

“We did what we had to do. I did not apologise because I did nothing wrong. There is nothing to apologise for. I will be suing any news agency that stated or states that I apologised for the 1990 revolution. I will be suing any news agency that defames my character.

“We have thousands of members, children and grandchildren. We can no longer accept the demonisation pushed in the society. The truth will help to heal and help us to grow together,” said Bakr.