TWO POLICE corporals who allegedly shared a bribe they took from a man who failed a breathalyser test have been arrested and charged with misconduct in public office.

The arrests were made after the victim reported the incident to his uncle, a police inspector, attached to the Chaguanas Police Station.

According to reports, the police officers were on patrol in Cunupia when they observed the victim driving carelessly.

They first took him to the Cunupia Police Station, but the breathalyser test was not available.

They then took him to the Chaguanas Police Station, where the victim took a breathalyser test and found him over the alcohol limit.

However, instead of laying charges against the victim, the policemen reportedly asked him for money or his bank card.

According to the victim, the officers took him to his home where he retrieved his bank card, and the three went to an automated teller machine.

The victim withdrew $3,000 and handed it over to the police corporal, who shared the money with his colleague.

The victim reported the incident to his uncle, the police inspector.

The Express was told that one of the police corporals was previously assigned to the Guard and Emergency Branch.

The other while previously assigned to the Longdenville Police Post was under investigation for assisting a prisoner escape from a station cell.


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