Rachael Sukhdeo

SHOT AT: Rachael Sukhdeo

Another attempt on the life of Rachael Sukhdeo, the widow of murdered real estate and car dealer Sheron Sukhdeo, has left two dead.

It was during a family lime in Princes Town that two gunmen opened fire on the unsuspecting group, killing two people in the process.

Dead are Craig Hoi Pong, 39, a US citizen, and Meera Ramnath, 39 of Ragoonanan Road, Chaguanas.

The incident took place at Matilda in Princes Town.

Police said Ramnath, who resembles Rachael Sukhdeo, was part of the group liming, and suspect Sukhdeo was the intended target.

Around 3.30 p.m. as the family lime was taking place, Hoi Pong drove up the hill to lock the front barrier.

According to police, it was there gunmen in Muslim garb approached him and opened fire.

Hoi Pong ran a short distance before falling, where he died.

One other person was shot in the shoulder and taken to the San Fernando General Hospital.

Police say the car driven by the gunmen was a white/silver Nissan Sylphy.

Officers recovered two sets of shells, 5.56 (high-powered) and 9mm casings.

Investigations are continuing.

Previous attempt

Sukhdeo, the mother of two, was leaving a nightclub in Chaguanas last May, when gunmen began firing on her.

Sukhdeo was not hit, and was able to escape the scene and report the attack at the Chaguanas Police Station.

Sukhdeo was with a male companion at the time of the attack.

However, several people were injured, and taken to hospital for treatment.

Witnesses reported seeing masked men fleeing the scene.

Several vehicles and the nightclub building were hit by bullets.

Sheron Sukhdeo was murdered on March 26, 2018, in a hail of bullets near his wife’s relatives home at Charlieville.

His killing remains unsolved.