Forty-four females have been murdered for the year so far, 22 more than last year's figure for this same period, Sunday Express statistics show.

The data further shows that 18 of them were shot, nine stabbed, six chopped, three strangled, three beaten, two poisoned and two set afire.

The November 6 killing of Sophia Francis could not be placed into a category since an autopsy on her body was classified as "undertermined".

Last year, one woman was strangled, two stabbed, four chopped and nine shot.

This year 11 murder/suicides were recorded as compared to last year's figure of three in which men chopped to death their female victims. For this year's murder/suicide figures, three females were chopped, four stabbed, two shot, one set afire and one poisoned.

The youngest victim this year was Vandana Ashley Ramdeen, two years old, of Claxton Bay. The toddler was forced to drink a concoction of soft drink and lanate by her father, Vishal Nigel Ramdeen, on Thursday.

Ramdeen (V), 25, had been having marital problems. After watching his daughter die, he committed suicide by also ingesting the deadly pesticide. Their bodies were found in a car on Belle Vue Estate Road, Claxton Bay by passers-by.

The May 27 killing of Hope Arismandez also concluded in suicide after her killer Sunil Ali was reported as having ended his life while in jail. Arismandez, eight, of Lime Head Road, Chaguanas, was found dead in a canefield in the village of Petersfield, on the outskirts of Felicity. Her battered body was found with several stab wounds and she was also raped and buggered.

Following her death, homicide detectives attached to the Eastern Bureau, charged Ali, 28, after he confessed to the murder. With his case adjourned, Ali was found hanging from a bed sheet at the Remand Yard, Golden Grove Prison in Arouca on May 30. Both his wrists were slashed with a razor blade.

Just last Monday, policewoman Neisha Dhanessar, 33, of Main Road, Tabaquite, was found chopped to death at her home.

Dhanessar, who was attached to the Chaguanas Police Station, was reported as having marital problems.

Her husband Basdeo Dhanessar,31, a construction worker, fled the scene after murdering her and committed suicide by drinking a weedicide.

Autopsies conducted on the bodies of nurder victims Zorissa Bhola (January 1), Gail Durity (June 2), Niome Lewis (August 27) and Nicoline Churaman (October 26) also showed that they were sexually assaulted and tortured.

An autopsy done on Bhola, 47, of Jaffar Street, Bamboo Settlement No 2, Valsayn, showed she had been raped and stabbed.

Durity, 19, a construction worker of Calcutta Number 2, Freeport was found among a heap of dried coconuts in Manzanilla. She was raped, disfigured and her throat slit.

Lewis, 22, of John John, Laventille, was found on a farm area in Mausica, Arima. Her body bore several chop wounds and she was sexually assaulted.

Churaman, 33, a Ministry of Agriculture employee of Maturita was found with her head bashed in the forested area of the Aripo Savannah. She was raped.

Two teenagersMarian Tudor and Kimberly Monderoyalso became murder statistics while just going about their business.

Tudor, 19, of St John's Street, Laventille, was sitting a few feet away from her home chatting on her cell phone when a lone gunman started shooting at a man who was near her. Tudor was shot three times.

On October 26, Monderoy,14, of Cuthbert Circular, Four Roads, Diego Martin, was standing near her home when she was shot by a stray bullet.

Another unfortunate murder victim was Meela Sagram who was shot dead on April 26.

Police say based on reports, Sagram, 39, of Spring Village, Valsayn, had chastised a group of men in Grand Bazaar about their behaviour; they were heckling her daughter. The men followed Sagram from Grand Bazaar after she scolded them, and shot her.


Stuart Young was a natural pick for the Energy portfolio, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley indicated yesterday.

In making Stuart Young the new Minister of Energy and Energy Industries, the Prime Minister chose someone who had been involved in and familiar with all the major issues to be resolved in the energy sector.

INSP Mark Hernandez, head of the Special Operations Response Team (SORT) of the Police Service, has been charged with misbehaviour in public office.

The charge was laid around 4 p.m., yesterday by his colleagues of the Professional Standards Bureau (PSB) after consultation with Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Roger Gaspard, SC earlier in the day as well as at the weekend.

THE Brazilian Covid Variant of Concern (P1) has been recorded in the local population.

The Ministry of Health yesterday confirmed that the P1 variant was detected in a local Covid-19 patient who tested positive for the virus in Nariva/Mayaro.

SIXTEEN years after his body was found in a cane field not far from his Couva home, the trial into the death of six-year-old Sean Luke began yesterday.

Following months of preparation by the court addressing preliminary issues, the State’s first four witnesses were called upon at a virtual judge-alone trial to provide their evidence-in-chief.