WOMEN and children can look forward to a new transportation experience designed for them with the launch of PinkCab.

Similar to Uber, PinkCab offers a taxi service dedicated to women and children.

It’s the first of its kind in Trinidad and Tobago.

Brand consultant and one of five group members involved in PinkCab, Laura Compton said the purpose of the service is to allow women to feel safer while going about their daily routines.

She said the vehicles will be operated by women drivers only and are outfitted with state-of-the-art security features to ensure the safety of passengers.

The vehicles will have GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking and security cameras.

PinkCab is also partnering with a security company as an added measure.

The ride-sharing service can be accessed by downloading the PinkCab app at the Google Play Store, which is available to Android and iOS devices for free.

PinkCab launched awareness of the product in June and came on stream at the end of November. Compton said they are hoping to have drivers on the road for the service to become fully operational by mid-December.

Compton said the recruitment process is ongoing, with five confirmed drivers to date and an expected 20 to 30 others to come on stream.

She said the service will be for the entire country.

“It’s not a new concept, it has been done in other countries. Transportation can be tricky in Trinidad and we wanted to have a safer alternative. We want to provide an opportunity for women to feel a little bit sa­fer and we do want to have a safer option. We really want to empower women.

“ We have a community group online as well. We are looking at ways not just to build a business but to empowering women, and we are constantly looking at ways to do more for women. We are also going to be involved in giving back to the community,” she said.

No pink cars

Don’t expect to see a pink vehicle as Compton said for safety reasons, the company does not want to bring too much attention to drivers and passengers.

Women drivers can gain either both part-time and full-time employment.

Drivers will also be required to undertake self-defence classes to make the service safer.

Compton said the company intends to expand to Tobago and the wider Caribbean in the future.

She said the company does not have a physical office and for now operates through social media and through the app.

How it works

Once the app is downloaded, the interested person will be required to create a profile and log in.

The person will provide information inclusive of an identification (for safety) and a destination.

There will be an estimated cost for the ride and an option whether one wishes to share the ride or not, and then book the vehicle.

Payment can be either by cash or credit card.

Rates will vary depending on the location.

There is also a feature where passengers who feel unsafe can contact law enforcement officers.

Drivers will have a similar feature to download the PinkCab Driver App and complete the necessary documentation required.


The total cost of Caribbean Airlines’ (CAL) severance payment is estimated to be “in the vicinity of $110 million”, Finance Minister Colm Imbert revealed yesterday.

Imbert said CAL did not have the required finances for the severance payment and therefore the payments would be financed by the Ministry of Finance.

Construction workers who have gone without an income due to public health regulations can now receive government assistance.

The Ministry of Social Development and Family Services has said all affected workers can apply for an Income Support Grant (ISG) via the ministry.

Three weeks after losing her son to the Covid-19 virus, 70-year-old Lilawatee Lilly Singh has died.

Singh passed away last week Thursday, after spending 34 days in hospital.

Her husband, Kenneth, and younger son, Marcus, who also tested positive, are now recovering. The elderly woman was heartbroken by the death of her son Damian but she still struggled to beat the deadly virus, relatives said.

Trinbagonians travelling to Barbados are not expected to face any “additional challenge” as a result of the “travel bubble for specific Caribbean countries with a low incidence of Covid 19”, which has been announced by the government of Barbados, Foreign Affairs Minister Dr Amery Browne said in the Senate yesterday as he responded to an urgent question posed by Opposition Senator Wade Mark.

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