Sunny Bling

Sunny Bling/ Facebook

After facing intense backlash from the public for recording himself accosting a T&TEC contractor for cutting his lights when he was not at home, television talk show host Sunny Bling last night apologised to the Commission and the contractor for his behaviour.

"My approach to that entire situation was absolutely wrong and uncalled for. I would also like to extend my sincerest apologies to the manager and staff of T&TEC Chaguanas as well as to the contractor, Mr. Toussaint," he said in a Facebook video.

Like he did in his original video, Bling insisted that being disconnected was never the issue but "moreso the way in which the job was executed".

"And I really wanted to find out if it was the policy and procedure of the company to have someone enter your compound directly to do their job. Knowing that we live in a crime-filled nation at this point, it was only fair for me to find out is this the way we do things," he said.

"My approach to the entire situation was not the best and I must accept that. I also apologise to my fans, viewers and even the children that look up to me as a role model. I may have let you all down and I do apologise," Bling said.

Bling had not paid his light bill and power was cut earlier this week when he was not at home.

He posted a video online accusing T&TEC of breaking into his yard to disconnect him.

He said he contacted a T&TEC official who informed him that the Commission's representatives were not allowed to enter a customer's premises if the customer was not at home.

The video went on to show Bling accosting the T&TEC contractor who had earlier cut his lights and who'd returned to reconnect it.

"Right now you not looking good you know, and if I want to be a Gaza youth as they say and play stupid and hit you some bottle and some big stone here now they will say I wrong,” Bling said.

Responding to a query from the Express on Wednesday, T&TEC said Chapter 54:70 of the T&TEC Act authorises the Commission’s representatives to enter an individual’s property to carry out its duties including, among other things, inspections, disconnections and trimming/clearing trees.

Bling said over the last few days he has been in contact with T&TEC officials on the issue.

"They have been speaking to me for the entire week, including today. And we have been back and forth with information, both what is right in law according to T&TEC, as well as the compliance that has been put in place by the Regulated Industries Commission. There are codes in there that they (T&TEC) must adhere to and there are conflicting things. So we are still dealing with it at this point in time."


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