Tony Alexander

Flashback: FOUND IN THE BUSHES, Freeport resident Tony Alexander points to the baby blanket and clothing left in bushes behind a bus stop at Beaucarro Road in Freeport, where a newborn baby was found yesterday. —Photos: DEXTER PHILIP

A couple who have been trying for four years to have a child are among many citizens who have expressed their desire to adopt the baby abandoned in bushes at Freeport on Thursday.

The Arima couple contacted the Express by e-mail early yesterday to ask which agency they should approach to legally adopt the baby girl and raise her in their home.

The Express contacted the ­author of the e-mail—a 37-year-old man who asked that neither he nor his 33-year-old fiancée be identified—who said they could speak of nothing else since they learned of the infant’s abandonment that night.

In a phone interview, he said, “My fiancée and I have been trying for the better part of four years, and she is also very fond of baby girls.

“That someone would take a child who does not even know what hands and fingers are, and to put that child by the side of the road for whatever is to happen... it is just disheartening.

“There was pain in my fian­cée’s voice when she spoke of it. It would have been better if the parent/s had found someone or somewhere to give the baby to.”

Give her a powerful name

The man said he was gainfully employed, while his fiancee—who had worked in the aviation industry—was recently laid off during Covid-19 pandemic job cuts.

And even if he and his fiancée are unable to adopt the infant, he said he hoped she would be placed in a nurturing and caring home.

He also wished the child would be given a powerful name to match her defiant ­circumstances.

“This baby is going to come out of this situation no matter where she is, and is going to make a difference. Whoever takes that child into their care should guarantee that. I do not believe that she should be named something like ‘Miracle’, ‘Destiny’, ‘Angel’. Give her another name—something more powerful. And groom her as that. A rose can grow out of concrete and she can be that person, once she is in the right place,” he said.

Redhead an angel

He described Steven Redhead, who heard the baby’s cries amid the bustle and noise of the junction at Beaucarro and Southern Main roads, as the baby’s “­angel”, saying he should be rewarded for his heroism.

Redhead, 21, of Beaucarro Road, heard the infant’s cries and followed a beaten-down path into the bushes behind a PTSC bus stop around 9.50 a.m. on ­Thursday.

He found the infant lying on her back, on a mat of dried grass inside a clump of bushes.

The girl, who appeared to be only weeks old, was wearing a pink and blue matching onesie and booties.

He called out to his brother, Reynaldo, who was standing a few metres away, awaiting transportation to go to work at Chaguanas.

Officers of the Police Service’s Community Relations Department, Central Division, responded, as well as Emergency Health Services paramedics.

The paramedics took the baby to the Couva Health Facility and the infant girl was later transferred by ambulance to the San Fernando General Hospital and placed in the paediatric ward.

Police said doctors told ­responding officers the baby appeared to be dehydrated but healthy.

Investigators are now searching for the parents of the infant, and are seeking to obtain CCTV footage from nearby businesses to assist in identifying the person who abandoned the child.