An elderly woman was robbed of $8,000 outside her Bacolet home in Tobago, last Thursday afternoon.

According to the family, they were followed after withdrawing the cash from Scotiabank in Lowlands.

Family members say they made several stops on the way home. When they got there at around 3.55p.m. the woman’s her bag was grabbed by a man dressed in a red jersey, while another in a dark jersey, stood a distance away.

They got into a car and left.

CCTV camera footage obtained by the Express, showed the family was followed.

It showed parked a distance away and walk back to rob the elderly woman, who at the time was still seated in the family's van.

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The incident was reported to the Scarborough Police.

Only two weeks ago there was an attempted robbery at a house in the area.

The suspects, pretending to be searching for crabs, entered a property and tried to pry open the window to a bedroom where a teenager was studying.

An alarm was raised and the men escaped.