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CAREFULLY CONSIDERED REPORT : Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley

The British Broadcasting Corporation is standing by its report that there are 40,000 Venezuelans in Trinidad and Tobago. Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley on Monday objected to a BBC report which gave the controversial figure.

The programme, titled The Displaced: When 40,000 desperate Venezuelans hit a tiny island, was broadcast on Monday. Rowley said his Government will write to the British government to set the record straight, as he disclosed that at his recent trip to Washington, American politicians commended this country for its position in treating with economic migrants from Venezuela.

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Stop bad-talking Trinidad and Tobago and be more grateful. This was the advice given by Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley yesterday, as he spoke at the sod-turning cere­mony for the new billion-dollar Sangre Grande hospital at Ojoe Road.

The Health Ministry has issued an urgent recall of stomach acid medicines such as Zantac and medication containing Ranitidine Hydrochloride.

Criminals are being warned that the recently launched Operation Strike Back II (OSBII) is not a public relations stunt, as the various arms of the protective services will be maintaining a sustained presence in the targeted communities.

Prisons Commissioner Gerard Wilson wants to know how five prisoners at the Youth Training Centre (YTC) in Arouca acquired a hacksaw, crawled through an opening in the ceiling, walked on the roof and jumped a fence without being seen.