The resort posted this on Facebook. It has since been deleted

THE Marakai Villas beach house in Mayaro drew sharp criticism yesterday after encouraging citi­zens to rent its property in the midst of Government instructions to practise social distancing and limit movement to manage the spread of COVID-19.

In a Facebook post shared on Tuesday evening, the property’s handlers said the business was still open and accepting ten people at a time.

The post said no more than one group would be allowed to use the facility at any given time.

“Sun, sea and sand. Yes, we are presently open but only one group will be allowed on the beach house at any given point in time. $1,500 a night for ten persons maximum. Eight bedrooms total.”

The page, which has more than 59,000 followers on Facebook, was criticised by people asking why this was being promoted, as many businesses were shut on Sunday night and beach facilities were recently closed to the public to curb the spread of the virus.

“In a time like this we see some places’ true colours! One, those who care only about profits and their business place. Two, the ones who are willing to abide with the Government and honestly care about themselves and the citizens of the country. ­#stayathome #flattenthecurve,” said one commenter.

‘Time and place’

“It’s hard to close a business for three or four weeks but it is even harder to close a coffin of a dear one... #flattenthecurve. Don’t let our frontline workers’ efforts go in vain. Time and place for everything #stayhome,” said ­another.

“This virus will not only take the life of humans but it will show us the thinking of some humans out there so we have to pay good attention to everything we see that is taking place around this time,” wrote yet another.

The business replied to comments on the post.

“If you think you can’t afford it stop making drama for the people who can. If you have never been here, you won’t understand our beach house. Again, it’s not about money, it’s a place you and your family can get away and relax.

“Our beach house is perfectly safe. Our pool is safer than the water WASA is providing because it’s more chlorinated. It’s not about money, we did our research and you can quarantine in our house in a safe environment away from the general public,” the ­message on the page stated.

The Express contacted Mara­kai Villas Mayaro to ask for a comment on the business’s online promotion. The Express was told to call back at a later time.

The post was later removed from the business’s Facebook page.


This, following a meeting between Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley and five members of La Brea constituency executive on Wednesday.

Only five members are allowed to meet because of Covid-19 restrictions.

After a long wait, nationals employed with the Carnival cruise line have finally returned home.

Twenty-nine nationals who have spent months on board the Fantasy cruise ship, the lead ship of the Fantasy class of cruise ships, were placed into state quarantine last night at the National Racquet Centre in Tacarigua.

THE Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) has launched a new unit to investigate and prosecute sexual offences in the country.

The unit is called the Sexual Offences Unit (SOU) and is expected to be headed by Snr Supt Claire Guy-Alleyne, who currently heads the Gender Based Violence Unit (GBVU).