The flooding in Chaguanas from overnight rainfall.

Heavy rain and intense lightning activity knocked out power to thousands of residents in at least 20 communities across Trinidad on Sunday night.

The Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC) stated that it was actively treating with reports of electricity outages caused by significant lightning activity and in some cases, fallen trees, resulting from inclement weather.

In a release T&TEC stated that emergency crews were responding to numerous reports and the Commission was working to restore supply to the affected areas in the shortest possible time.

But timely restoration may be impacted if the rainfall continues unabated, it stated.

According to T&TEC some 20 communities across Trinidad were affected, from Paramin in the north, Manzanilla in the east, central Trinidad, and Marabella in the South, with central and east being the most impacted.

The Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service stated that the heavy rainfall activity is associated with a tropical wave and the inter-tropical convergence zone (ICTZ).

The alert level is currently yellow. This indicates moderate risk of public safety, livelihood and property. There will be periods of showers and thundershowers, and gusty winds affecting the entire country.

There were reports of street flood along the Chaguanas main road. However, the roadway was not impassable and the water receded quickly, the Express was told.

In Santa Flora, along the Erin Road, a tree fell across the roadway making it impassable.

According to an official from the Penal/Debe Regional Corporation, there were no reports of flooding or property damage due to the inclement weather.

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Regional corporation conducted emergency response training for volunteers who would assist during the rainy season.

Training included disaster medical rescue, search and rescue, sandbag wall construction, chainsaw use and safety and psychological training in disaster.

T&TEC has advised customers to contact its 24-hour trouble report hotlines at 800-BULB (2852) and 800-TTEC (8832).

The Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government has advised citizens to contact the 24-hour Disaster Management Unit hotlines at the regional corporations.