Jewel Wharton-Prescott

Shot in car: WPC Jewel Wharton-Prescott

THIS past weekend proved to be tragic one for the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) after one of its members was killed in a road traffic accident, and two others were shot and wounded by criminals.

Another two were also taken to hospital for treatment after ­suffering injuries—one in the accident that claimed the life of PC Leon Ramsay early Saturday morning, and another officer who had to scamper for ­safety after he was almost run over by a ­motorist attempting to escape from a roadblock exercise in Port of Spain.

The latest officer to be hospitalised after being shot on Saturday night was SRP Jewel Wharton-Prescott, 31, who was last attached to the SRP Office at Riverside Plaza, Port of Spain.

She and a female friend were ambushed by gunmen around 10.30 p.m. as they drove along Lennox Yearwood Carriageway, in the vicinity of Bellbird Avenue, Malabar.

While doing so, another car pulled up alongside Wharton-Prescott’s white Toyota Corolla, and the occupants opened fire.

The gunmen then sped off.

Wharton-Prescott was shot in the abdomen and left hand, while the other woman was shot in the right leg, ­investigators said.

They were both taken to Arima Health Facility, where they were treated and later transferred to Eric ­Williams Medical Sciences Complex, Mt Hope.

Off-duty cop shot

It was only one day earlier, on ­Satur­day morning, that another officer—Cpl Frank Fox, of the North Eastern Division Emergency Response Patrol—was shot multiple times in Arima.

Fox, who was off-duty at the time, was at a garage on Righteous Lane, Pinto Road, Arima, where he went to pick up his vehicle he had taken to be repaired.

He was attacked by three men and shot in the stomach and hand.

Police said the men ­attempted to rob him of his jewelry, but the officer resisted before being shot five times.

One of the men was also shot by the officer. That man is currently in police custody, while Fox is still warded at the Mt Hope hospital, in stable condition.

Earlier the same day, PC Ramsay was crushed to death by a car along the Churchill-Roosevelt Highway in El Socorro. Ramsay fell from his ­motor­cycle after crashing into an unidentified man who had been attempting to cross the highway around 3.30 a.m. The man also died. Ramsay and his colleague, PC Clarke, both attached to the Traffic and Highway Patrol Branch, were returning to base in Aranjuez after completing patrol duty at Ariapita ­Ave­nue, Woodbrook, when the incident ­occurred.

Clarke also fell from his motorcycle and was taken to the Mt Hope hospital for treatment after he swerved to avoid hitting the man.

And in the Port of Spain Division, one member of a team of officers who were conducting a roadblock exercise at Stone Street, on Friday night, had to seek medical attention when he fell after scampering for safety when a motorist the officers signalled to stop sped off in an attempt to escape the exercise.

The 25-year-old man’s vehicle was intercepted seconds later along St ­Vincent Street. It was found that the man was driving without a valid permit and insurance. He has since been charged for those offences, as well as an additional charge of dangerous driving. He is expected to appear ­before a Port of Spain magistrate today.