Gary Griffith

‘Protecting citizens’: CoP Gary Griffith.

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith is absolutely not accepting Carnival indiscipline from the police officers expected to work today and tomorrow.

At least one officer was given until 10a.m. to find himself on the job.

Griffth sent a message to the officer, stating “You have failed to adhere to your obligation to perform your duty today as rostered. Failure to be at your post by 10 am today or also being absent tomorrow, you are directed to report to the Police Training Academy at 0800 on Friday 8 March, to meet the Commissioner personally , where your failure to perform your duty would be recorded on your file and possible disciplinary action may be taken”.

Griffith told " Any police officer abandoning their post, especially on days like today and tomorrow, without good reason, I see that as a blatant act of indiscipline and not becoming of someone to wear the uniform”

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Thankfully, said Griffith, it is just a few, as the majority have shown dedication to duty.

“ But these few have shown no regard or care to protect our citizens, and have even put the security of their fellow officers at risk by being absent. Their irresponsible behaviour would be dealt with. We do not need or want such selfish individuals in the Service”.

On Sunday, Griffith had asked all active police officers of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) to turn out as rostered for work on Carnival Monday and Tuesday, “not based on consequences, but because of patriotism and an answer to the call to duty, to protect and serve Trinidad and Tobago with P.R.I.D.E”.