Missing: A recent photo of Kesha Darlington

Missing: A recent photo of Kesha Darlington

Police are still trying to identify the burnt body of a woman which was found in Arouca one week

Social media has reported that the body was that of mother of one Kesha Darlington.

However, police said this had yet to be proven.

Darlington’s mother Kathleen Darlington had visited the CSI unit in Cumuto where she was allowed to examine some of the personal belongings which were found near burnt body.

However, while she noted a similarity, she was not able to positively identify the items.

Police said that from their reports, Kesha Darlington was last seen wearing a blue T-shirt with a pink piping.

A burnt blue T-shirt was found on the remains in Arouca.

DNA samples are expected to be taken from Kathleen Darlington to compare to the body which was found.

Police have also taken DNA samples from other people who have come forward, including relatives of other missing women, and are hopeful that the deceased would be identified soon.

The body was found at about 1p.m. on October 10, by a farmer who was operating on his property along La Pastora Village, Lopinot.

The farmer told police he was alerted by his dogs barking at something hidden in the bushes.

He found the body of the woman.

However, if anyone believes they can identify the personal belongings of the woman, they are asked to contact the Arouca Police or the Homicide Bureau.