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More citizens are expressing disappointment at not receiving the promised salary grant.

Housekeeping employees of The Villas at Stonehaven at Black Rock, Tobago— Rackel Ayres and Sheldon Greene — told the Express they continue to be “disappointed” since they have not yet received the $1,500 salary relief grant to assist with their expenses during Covid-19.

An official from The Villas at Stonehaven said yesterday the hotel has not yet reopened.

“We sent the forms for all the staff. I don’t think anybody has gotten it yet,” the official said.

A total of seven housekeeping employees were sent home during the pandemic. They have not yet returned to work. Several Trinidadian counterparts said they too have not yet received the much-needed grant after they suffered loss or reduced income as a result of the pandemic from March 19, and which was supposed to help for three months.

In March, Finance Minister Colm Imbert announced the implementation of a $400 million salary relief grant to assist citizens who suffered job losses or reduced income due to the Government’s Covid-19 restrictions.

Then on March 24 Imbert said 30,300 applications for salary relief grants were received, comprising 11,452 hand-delivered applications from TTPost locations, or 38 per cent of the total, and 18,758 applications received online by e-mail or 65 per cent of the total.

It’s tough

In a telephone interview yesterday, Ayres, who lives at Les Coteaux Village, said: “I have not worked since March 21. I have no money. All I got was one week’s vacation pay. I have a 16-year-old child and diabetic mother to take care off. My mother gets a disability grant but I can’t depend on her. I have to be independent, and also help her. She does help me where she can. But I am a grown woman. I was lucky in that before Covid-19, I had a food card. It’s tough.”

Plymouth resident Greene said: “They said that we would have to wait till they call us. We are still at home.” He also expressed his “hurt” at not having any income.

Greene said: “I hope if the three months passes they would not cancel it. I hope we can get some money. I am surviving because my wife is taking care of me but I want to share the bills, and the food expenses. I just wish we would get the grant. The rest of housekeeping is hoping to get the grant.”

In Trinidad, Laventille kindergarten teacher Candace George, who had also applied for the salary relief grant, said: “I checked yesterday (Thursday). It was not in my account.”

Webster-Roy: We’re assisting

needy families

Contacted for comment, Tobago East MP and Minister of State in the Office of the Prime Minister, Ayanna Webster-Roy, said: “PM (Dr Keith Rowley) said 2,765 people would have received income, rental and food support; 1,127 applicants and 548 already paid, which is equivalent $2.83 million. We have been following with the different agencies (and they) are being processed.

Other people have been receiving assistance through the Social Development Ministry (Camille Robinson-Regis). I also communicate with the THA (Tobago House of Assembly) Chief Secretary (Ancil Dennis) when people have issues accessing the grants and information. Both Tobago East MP (Shamfa Cudjoe) and I have been distributing hampers. We have been assisting needy families with food support.”

Despite all the relief measures the Government has implemented to soften the impact of Covid-19 on individuals and businesses, there are those who remain dissatisfied and ungrateful.

Earlier this week, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley disputed complaints that nobody had received the salary relief, rental support and other grants.

Rowley was speaking during an interview on Tobago Channel 5’s Rise and Shine morning programme.

“Those who are receiving it are not saying anything because they have no reason to say anything. It is the ones who are not receiving who are saying they have not ­received. But very many people have ­received. Thousands of people have been receiving grants,” he said.

The PM however conceded there had been delays in the process, which he attributed to dishonesty and persons attempting to access grants under false pretences.

He later said based on information from the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services, 2,765 people in Tobago have received various Covid-19 relief grants to date.

Imbert: 19,000 have received grants

A total value of $26.3 million has been paid out to over 19,000 salary relief grant recipients, according to Imbert, as he provided an update on the status of the grant on his social media page yesterday.

“We have received 51,098 applications for persons within the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) system, of which just over 1,600 are from Tobago,” said Imbert. The Finance Ministry had uploaded application forms online and provided physical copies for pick-up at selected police stations in the second week of April.

Asked at a news conference last week if the Government intends extending the period for the grant, the minister noted that the salary relief grant was designed for a three-month period — part of March, April, May and June. He said: “If by the end of June, the Government sees the need to extend the grant for whatever reason, certainly it would be looked at.”


THERE is a backlog of 7,000 ballistics cases in Trinidad and Tobago.

This climbing backlog is as a result of a shortage of ballistics examiners and lack of space which has resulted in delayed legal proceedings.

Last month, two arms of the Ministry of National Security—the National Forensic Science Centre (NFSC) and the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS)—collaborated to launch a training programme, entitled Firearm and Toolmark Examiner Training, at the Police Training Academy in St James.

TRINIDAD and Tobago nationals stuck abroad have become so desperate to return home that some have attempted to bribe staff at the Ministry of National Security to get preferential treatment in the exemption process.

Now, National Security Minister Stuart Young is warning that this will not be tolerated and anyone attempting to bribe his/her way back to T&T will be reported to the police.

Young was speaking during the Ministry of Health’s virtual news conference yesterday, where he revealed that ministry staff have been offered bribes.

Political parties can have walkabouts with more than 25 people, but they must be separated into smaller groups.

Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh gave this advice yesterday, as he urged political parties and candidates to adhere to the public health regulations to prevent the spread of Covid-19 as they embark on their pre-election campaigning.

AS investigations continue to determine who shot Ornella Greaves in Beetham Gardens, more and more cell phone videos are being released on social media sites.

Greaves, a mother of five, who was pregnant when she was killed was shot at about 10 a.m. on June 30 when police officers and Beetham Gardens residents clashed during a violent protest.

CHIEF executive of Namalco Construction Services Naeem Ali has filed private criminal charges against three police officers alleging that they assaulted him and stole $.2 million from his vehicle during an exercise in Penal two Wednesdays ago.