Galleons Passage

The Galleons Passage on its way into Scarborough, Tobago.

A broken ramp was behind a short delay in last Monday’s sailing of the Galleons Passage from Port of Spain, but did not cause the exclusion of vehicles from the vessel’s August sailings.

The Passage has been designated for passengers only for the month of August due to its regular berth being used at this time by the new passenger ferry, the Jean de la Valette.

As a result, the Passage is being operated out of the Cruise Ship Complex, where the existing infrastructure doesn’t accommodate the loading of the vehicles, which must be conducted from the stern of the vessel.

Chairman of the Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (PATT) Lyle Alexander said yesterday the Passage’s berth at the Cruise Ship Complex on Dock Road, Port of Spain, allows the vessel to berth alongside the quay, disallowing the loading of vehicles.