The complex raided by police. Photo: ROBERT TAYLOR

Businessmen driving luxury cars were among the 20 men taken away from the “$500 a night” apartment complex where 22 females, some children, were found in a police raid shortly after midnight.

The complex at Lady Chancellor Heights is located off Lady Chancellor Road, St Anns Port of Spain.

There is a sign at the entrance to the place stating “apartments for rent with pool, $500 per night”.

The complex is located next to the home of a PNM Member of Parliament.


The sign leading the the complex raided by police. Photo: ROBERT TAYLOR

News of the raid came in a statement issued before dawn today by the Police Service.

The operation, headed by the Special Operations Unit (SORT) team led to the discovery of the females.

Police say most of the females are non-nationals, with no identification documents.

Police say they were engaged in lewd dancing, prostitution, and child endangerment.

Some are believed to be children.

The females were detained. They are at the Police Training Academy, St James.

The 20 men found at the property were arrested.

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith led the operation, which included officers of the Port of Spain Division, Canine Unit and City Police.


The complex raided by police. Photo: ROBERT TAYLOR

The Counter Trafficking Unit, Child Protection and Victim and Witness Units are investigating.

Express Photo Editor Robert Taylor was at the scene this morning.


The apartment complex raided by police. Photo: ROBERT TAYLOR

He said that the apartment complex had no name but there is a welcome sign, and a sign directing ‘customers’ into the building which has a telecom system.

Many of the apartments in the four storey complex appeared abandoned.

He witnessed three men being led into a police vehicle, two in handcuffs.

The living area that was part of the police raid contained a chairs and tables but not furnished.


Inside one of the rooms of the complex raided by police. Photo: ROBERT TAYLOR

Several bottles of alcohol and kegs of beer were strewn about.


The complex raided by police. Photo: ROBERT TAYLOR

The Express was told that when police arrived, they found several high end vehicles belonging to well known businessmen.


The police may have found out about the activities at the apartment complex through an invitation on social media.

In a post headlined “Can you keep a secret?”, people were invited to a ‘Secret Sundays’ Latin “private pool party”.

Those interested were invited to send a WhatsApp to a particular number to learn of the secret location, and secret pleasures awaiting.


The invitation circulating on social media.

There is also a video invitation showing Champagne-drinking women in swimsuits dancing in and around a pool.


Angela Swamber, 60, is ­severely visually impaired but she’s a woman possessed of ­extraordinary grit and determination and has been taking care of her son, Aaron, 29, who suffers from cerebral palsy, all his life.