Dr Keith Rowley

SPOKE ON issue: Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley at post-Cabinet recently. 

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley said yesterday State-owned Caribbean Airlines is in the black “for the first time”. Speaking at the “Spotlight on Budget 2020” forum at the Radisson Hotel, Port of Spain, the Prime Minister said from losing over US$600 million in the last eight years, the airline turned a profit of US$4 million in 2018.

“Black is appearing on its books for the first time because we are doing things differently,” he said.

According to Rowley, the airline incurred losses in the past as follows:

• 2010 - US$61 million;

• 2011 - US$87 million;

• 2012 - US $196 million;

• 2013 - $US$70 million;

• 2014 - US$62 million;

• 2015 - US$39 million;

• 2016 - US$82 million;

• 2017 - US$24 million.

In 2018, the profit was US$4 million.


the GOVERNMENT is moving to deal with “bad bail decisions” by judicial officers who grant bail to people charged with possession of automatic weapons.

WHAT about the innocent person who is charged for possession of firearms and is wrongly incarcerated? This was the question posed by Independent Senator Anthony Vieira yesterday as he challenged the Bail Amendment Bill which denies bail to anyone charged with automatic weapons.

However, the Government and the Ministry of Health have no control over the payment/non-payment to sub-contractors working on the Hospital, Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh said yesterday in the Senate.

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley was not present at the People’s National Movement (PNM) publi…

A NINE-YEAR-OLD boy has died after he had a seizure at the Guaico Government Primary School. Nathaniel Joseph Findley died at the Sangre Grande District Hospital on Monday after being rushed to the facility by his pregnant mother and a teacher from the school.