Rakesh Premchand's Datsun 720 pick up. Photo: TREVOR WATSON

The owners customised vehicles created specifically for public display are pleading for an exemption, after traffic violation tickets totalling $10,000 were issued on Sunday.

The vehicles were being towed or driven to the Southex International Expo at Gulf City Mall, La Romaine, when licencing officers showed up at the Gulf View Link Road at around 3.30pm.

Tickets were issued for driving without a valid insurance and unauthorised accessories including colourful stickers and illegal height of vehicle.

Vehicle owner Rakesh Premchand said five vehicles belonging to his family were being taken to the venue for an annual car show.

He said, “One vehicle was on a wrecker and four were being driven to Gulf City Mall when the licencing officers started stopping all of the cars. They started issuing tickets for several violations. Even the driver of the wrecker received a ticket. I explained that the vehicles were only used for the roads, just shows. But they did not want to hear this.”

Premchand said he was seeking legal advice on the traffic violations.

A relative, he said, was ticketed for driving a vehicle without a valid insurance although he produced the documents within minutes.

“My wife was driving the car. The insurance was in her bag which was in my car behind. The officers stopped her and she told them it was in my vehicle. I saw what was happening and I took the documents to them. But they still issued the ticket,” he said.

Premchand, of Rousillac, said his vehicles were displayed in several car shows in Trinidad and Tobago.

Last year he said he was invited by the San Fernando City Corporation to organise a car show in celebration of city week.

“And I was invited to do this again this year. But now we are afraid. We don’t know what to do about the vehicles. We are asking the authorities to assist us here. We simply want to get out vehicles from home to the show safely,” he said.

A senior licencing officer told the Express that officers were conducting a routine exercise when the vehicles were pulled aside. He said the officers found that the owners had committed offences in the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Regulations, which is under the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act of Trinidad and Tobago.


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