Port of Spain mayor Joel Martinez

Port of  Spain mayor Joel Martinez has appealed to burgesses and citizens to keep their environment clean to prevent diseases spread by mosquitoes and flooding.

Martinez said Council and Health inspectors will have to check on the disposal of tyres. He added that flooding was alleviated because of the extensive dredging and removal of about 100 trucks of debris and silt from the East Dry River.  

He made these comments while addressing Tuesday's monthly statutory meeting at City Hall, Knox Street, Port of Spain.  

Trinidad and Tobago is still under the rainy and hurricane seasons. The Aedes Egypti mosquito, known for spreading yellow fever, is a mosquito that can also spread dengue fever, chikungunya, Zika fever, Mayaro and other disease agents.

 “We have been getting a lot of requests from citizens regarding mosquito infestation. Spraying can be done to a particular point. Spraying is good for one shot. It can present some respiratory illnesses. If you spray too much, the mosquito develops an immunity. We need to look at the environment and source reduction.

“We are unsure about companies that are selling their tyres, and, how they are disposing of them. Check on those organisations. Find out how they are disposing of their tyres. If not, they need to adjust.”

Martinez said , “It is not an easy  task to change the minds of citizens. One has to keep the city clean, so we can enjoy the city Port Of Spain.”

He also said Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh has offered some health tips like getting rid of stagnant water, adding a tip of chlorine to purify water and ensuring fences and trees are trimmed. 

Martinez also extended condolences to the family of the late first female Senate president Dr Linda Baboolal and the late mother of Pt Fortin mayor Abdon Mason. He said yesterday marked the 108th anniversary of the birth of the late Prime Minister Dr Eric Williams, fondly dubbed “The Father Of The Nation.” Williams led the country to Independence on August 31,1962 and wrote the magnum corpus Capitalism and Slavery.  

What is yellow fever

Yellow Fever is a disease that is found in tropical and subtropical regions such as South America and Africa. The yellow fever virus is transmitted to people by the bite of an infected mosquito. Mosquitoes get the virus by biting infected monkeys or infected people, and pass it to others in the same way. There are two types of yellow fever-jungle and urban yellow fever. 

Jungle Yellow Fever

It is also known as Sylvatic Yellow Fever. It is mainly a disease of monkeys. And it is spread by the bite of an infected Haemagogus mosquito. People who are not immunised against yellow fever and who go into forested areas where jungle fever is present can bring the yellow fever virus into urban/populated areas. 

Urban Yellow Fever

It is a disease of humans. It is spread from person to person by the bite of an infected Aedes Aegypti mosquito. It is the same mosquito that spreads the Zika, Chikungunya and dengue viruses. 


Sudden onset of high fever

Headache or muscle/pain/backache

Upset stomach (nausea) or vomiting

Severe symptoms

Jaundice (yellow eyes and skin)

Vomiting of blood

Kidney and liver failure

Severe illness can lead to death 

Protection against yellow fever

Yellow Fever is preventable in humans by vaccination. It is given to all children at 12 months of age. This one shot of yellow fever vaccine gives protection for a lifetime. 

Avoid mosquito bites

Wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants when you go into mosquito-infested areas

Stay in air conditioned and well-screened housing

Sleep under mosquito nets

Spray under beds and behind furniture with insecticide sprays when leaving home to kill adult mosquitoes hiding in the house

Use mosquito repellents on exposed skin 

Get rid of mosquitoes breeding sites

Cover all water storage containers to keep mosquitoes out

Get rid of discarded items like bottles, tins, coconut shells and other unwanted containers that hold water and breed mosquitoes 

Empty and scrub flower pot saucers and vases once a week to remove mosquito eggs

Cul down and remove all bush and clear overgrown lots that can harbour mosquitoes 

Keep guttering clear of leaves and other debris




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