Lords Of De Savannah

CROWD favourite: Ted Eustace portrays “Lords Of De Savannah” in the Historical category from Hidden, during the preliminary round on Thursday of the National Carnival Commission Kings and Queens judging at the Queen’s Park Savannah.


TEN Kings and ten queens will compete in the finals of the King and Queen of Carnival, following Thursday night’s preliminary competition at the Queen’s Park Savannah in Port of Spain.

There is no semi-final round.

Nearly 70 kings and queens danced their costumes for a spot in the finals on Dimanche Gras night, on February 23.

Up to late yesterday evening results weren’t released.

National Carnival Commission (NCC) board commissioner Rosalind Gabriel, in a phone interview, said processing the data for the results was time-consuming.

However, results are expected at around midday today.

“The data entry was a lot to complete,” Gabriel said.

A sizeable crowd came out to experience the splendour of the kings and queens, and the presentations didn’t disappoint.

Amanda Bailey McClean was the first queen on stage.

Portraying “The Maize Goddess —Goddess of Corn and Revival of Life” in the historical category from The Mayan Empire, McClean’s 12-foot gold and yellow “Mayan Goddess” bedazzled in rhinestones and glittery sequins.

A consistent drizzle didn’t hamper the parade. There were, however, problems with the sound system which repeatedly cut off while the masqueraders were making their way across the stage, leaving them without music at intervals.

Favourites with the crowd

Dragons were popular among the presentations this year, with many opting to rely on technology, including LED lights.

Others chose to parade with the focus on mesmerising movement.

Glen Dave Lakhan paraded his king costume without the assistance of wheels, which added to the creativity of the portrayal which showcased a large marijuana plant at the back.

Lakhan portrayed “Thankful A Celebration of Life” in the creative category from Wonders of Our Land.

Ted Eustace made full use of technology for his portrayal of “Lords of De Savannah” in the historical category from Hidden.

Eustace’s colourful Pierrot Grenade thrilled the crowd each time he moved the hands and head of the costume.

There seemed to be early crowd favourites, like Peola Marchan’s “War of Conquest” in the historical category.

Kay Mason from Harlequin took the stage with “Venetian Beauty” in the creative category. The stunning 20-foot-tall costume was also a favourite and featured a decorated masquerader in shimmering hues of purple and silver.


DESPERADOES is the 2020 National Panorama champion.

The Laventille-founded band beat a competitive field by four clear points to take the coveted title after one of the most hotly contested finals in recent history, on Saturday evening, at the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain.

TO compose a winning Panorama tune is a dream come true, says soca star Nailah Blackman.

Nailah’s “More Sokah” was the winning song of choice by Desperadoes arranger Carlton “Zanda” Alexander at Saturday’s National Panorama grand finals, at the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain.

GOOD morning, Carnival 2020!

Trinidad and Tobago will today open the gates on the Greatest Show on Earth, with thousands of revellers hitting the streets for two days of masquerading that will showcase traditional local “ole mas”, as well as modern costumery.

YET another woman has been murdered after she was shot dead at her Valencia home yesterday morning.

UNDER overcast skies and a drizzle, San Fernando Kiddies’ Carnival kicked off at midday yesterday, with the eager and enthusiastic young masqueraders dancing in the streets.