Gary griffith

Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith

The complaint against Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith by the chairman of the National Security Council, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley, has been submitted to the Police Service Commission (PolSC).

The Commission met yesterday.

It was a regular statutory meeting, which had as one of its agenda items, the conduct of the Police Commissioner.

This issue involving the Police Commissioner became the focus of attention with his strident response to comments by chairman of the NSC and the Prime Minister to the effect that there should be evenhandedness in the application of Covid-19 laws.

The Prime Minister on Saturday at a press conference “joined” the national conversation in the wake of the Bayside Towers incident.

The Commissioner on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday appeared in several interviews taking issue with the Prime Minister.

On Sunday, appearing on an i95FM programme with Dominic Kalipersad, accused the Prime Minister of being moved by racial considerations, of hypocrisy and of being misinformed on the application of the Covid laws.

When on Monday Griffith was called to a meeting at the Diplomatic Centre in St Ann’s, he took umbrage to the use of the word “summoned” in the press release issued by the Office of the Prime Minister on the meeting.

Griffith immediately issued his own release, saying that he could not be summoned.

He doubled down on all his positions on Tuesday.

“This is not a plantation. Massa Day done,” he said, reiterating that no politician could “summon” him.

He said he worked for only God and country and emphasised that it was his right to clarify the “misconception” created by the Prime Minister’s comments on Saturday since he would not be “bullied, pushed and pressured into doing anything illegal”.

The Commissioner was in the news again yesterday because of the decision by the Police Complaints Authority (PCA) to recommend that ASP Irwin Hackshaw face several criminal charges, referring the matter to the Director of Public Prosecutions and to the police.

Griffith on August 20, was severely critical of PCA director David West after the Authority issued a release recommending that Griffith act on its findings involving Hackshaw.

“I am not going to be pushed or bullied,” he said then.

On May 28 Griffith had announced that the police had closed their investigation into Hackshaw and they found no evidence of criminal misconduct.

“When persons automatically try to label a police officer because that person may have $2 million in their account. I am not here to judge, I am here to work on evidence...It means that a police officer must be poor apparently in the eyes of some people,” he said then.

A former PolSC official, responding to yesterday’s Express editorial, emphasised that the PolSC had no jurisdiction over Hackshaw.

It had jurisdiction over the Commissioner of Police and his deputies.

The source said the PolSC only would have had jurisdiction over Hackshaw if the issues in question took place while he acted as Deputy Commissioner. Since the events took place while he was in his substantive rank of Assistant Commissioner, the jurisdiction rests with the Commissioner, the source said.


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